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Ogre Marijuana Strain

Indica and Sativa-dominant varieties of the Ogre marijuana strain exist, but the most common is a mellow Hybrid with up to 16 percent THC.

The Ogre marijuana strain is a weed of mysterious origins. Several varieties of this strain are available. Yet, the most common variety of this herb is a mellow Sativa-dominant hybrid popular among novice growers. This strain is hardy, aromatic, and features an impressive yield for an autoflowering plant. Consumers love this flower for its euphoric and relaxing effects.


Ogre Experience

Many different varieties of the Ogre cannabis strain are available to marijuana consumers and growers. Two of the most common varieties include a Sativa-leaning hybrid and a heavy-handed Indica flower.

Overall, this flower is a great choice for anyone who appreciates a calm hybrid experience. Many find that this strain produces a fairly clear-headed experience coupled with plenty of tension relief.

Those who come across the Indica-dominant variety may find that this flower is drowsy and produces a strong heavy-bodied sedation. Save this variety for the evening or nighttime.

Marijuana fans can enjoy this strain in a number of different ways, including;

  • Ogre Oil Pens may be available from select cannabis brands, like Brite Labs and Rellik.  
  • Ogre shatter, Ogre wax, and other concentrates may also be available from a number of retailers.


Traits of Ogre and Ogre Seeds

There are many different strains that go by the name of Ogre. However, seeds are available for the version crossed between Short Term Amnesia (Soma’s Amnesia Haze x LowRyder) x Hindu Kush X Durban Skunk. This particular strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that provides an uplifting high and relaxed experience.

this strain’s aroma is predominantly lemon with hints of warm spice. Many Indica-dominant varieties of this flower also feature this unique scent. The THC levels are moderately high, featuring around 16% overall. This strain is a great choice for new growers. this plant’s flowering time is faster than the standard Sativa, taking up to 10 weeks.

New and experienced marijuana growers alike will appreciate this strain’s hardiness. This strain is known to have good resistance to spider mites and is tolerant to accidents and minor harms. Available in autoflowering and feminized seeds, this strain has a reputation for producing large, bountiful buds in spite of some ruderalis lineage.


Medical Benefits of Ogre

No matter which variety you pick up, this herb has a range of medical and therapeutic benefits to offer.

  • Both Indica and Sativa varieties of this strain are known to increase appetite, making this strain beneficial for medical cannabis patients who struggle with eating disorders.
  • This marijuana strain is a popular selection for those looking for mild to moderate pain relief. Those who stumble across the Indica strain variety of this herb may also appreciate it for sleep aid.
  • Many medical cannabis patients seeking relief from mental health ailments like chronic stress, anxiety, and depression may appreciate the euphoric nature of this strain.


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