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strains | 01.01.2022

Orange Bud Marijuana Strain

Orange Bud is a Hybrid marijuana strain. Known for its distinctive-looking buds and orange flavors and scents, this strain will leave you feeling relaxed. Great for managing pain and stress.

Orange Bud is bursting with citrus goodness. Featuring moderate levels of THC, this Indica-dominant hybrid is perfect for cannabis newcomers.


Orange Bud Experience

Orange Bud has been around since the 1980s. It is an Indica-dominant hybrid with a lovely sweet orange scent and moderate amounts of THC. Back in its day, this was an award-winning strain from the Netherlands. The strain still has a reputation for being a flavorful and fragrant flower today. However, Orange Bud’s potency has been largely surpassed by contemporary Orange strains, including Agent Orange.

On average, this strain expresses about 16% THC. This makes it a great strain for inexperienced marijuana consumers. As an Indica-dominant flower, Orange Bud’s effects are largely sedative and physical. A calm wave of orangy goodness overtakes the body, relaxing muscles and calming the mind.

This strain’s lineage is a little mysterious, but it is thought to be a product of a Skunk No. 1 cross. A smidgen of Sativa lineage heightens the mood-boosting and euphoric qualities of this herb. A great strain for social gatherings, this strain is upbeat, happy, and giggly. Coupled with the top-notch flavor, this marijuana strain is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.


Traits of Orange Bud and Orange Bud Seeds

This strain certainly lives up to its name. There’s no denying that orange is the dominant flavor and aroma here. Experienced marijuana consumers will also pick out mint, clove and other sweet tropical fruits amongst the scents and tastes.

This is truly a unique marijuana specimen. Bright orange hairs bring these flavors and aromas to life. One of the top-selling seeds, this strain’s green leaves are often barely visible below the tufts of vibrant tangerine pistils.


Medical Benefits of Orange Bud

Much like orange slices at halftime, this strain can give medical marijuana patients the lift they need to manage a number of symptoms and ailments.

  • Medical cannabis consumers like this strain for afternoon relief from anxiety, migraine headache, and chronic stress
  • Those who suffer from a lack of appetite often appreciate the munchie-inducing qualities this weed offers
  • Many patients also grab this plant for help with depression

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