Pennywise Marijuana Strain

Pennywise is an indica hybrid that produces even amounts of CBD and THC. Providing an alert yet relaxed experience, this strain may produce very slight psychoactive effects.

Pennywise Weed; Pennywise Cannabis Strain; Pennywise Hybrid Marijuana Strain

Pennywise is an Indica-dominant Hybrid strain that produces even amounts of CBD and THC. This makes this strain a one-to-one flower. A cross between Jack the Ripper and Harlequin, Pennywise provides an alert yet relaxed experience, with mild psychoactive effects.


Pennywise Strain Experience

Pennywise is a high-CBD strain from TGA Subcool Seeds. Considered a 70/30 Indica-dominant Hybrid, it provides a very relaxed if not slightly sedative experience. This strain tends to produce an even ratio of CBD to THC, meaning that this bud is considered a one-to-one strain. Therefore, the psychoactive effects should be super mild.

While alert and happy, this is a laid back flower that can quickly knock out stress while still allowing you to get things done. The effects have been described as very clear-headed with a slow onset physical relaxation. This bud does provide a little bit of pep, but just enough to help you concentrate and go through your daily tasks with ease.

Due to the high CBD content, this strain is not as likely to cause the munchies as other cannabis varieties. In fact, some may even find that this strain slightly suppresses appetite. Pennywise also tends to have a minor sedative effect that makes it easier to fall asleep, sort of like a calming cup of chamomile tea.

Recreational and wellness consumers also have reason to love this flower. Pennywise is a great strain to consume during the workday. If you are under the gun and still need to get things done, you might find that this strain can easily lift your spirits. This strain is thought to promote focus, allowing you to concentrate on the tasks at hand with a clear and alert mind.


Traits of Pennywise and Pennywise Seeds

Pennywise tends to feature between 12 and 15 percent CBD and roughly the same amount of THC.

This strain’s aroma is pleasant overall. Many find that these buds express a little sweetness, similar to bubblegum. Others find that it presents a spicy, acidic sharpness akin to a sniff of black pepper. These teasing fragrances are complemented by a base of earth and warm wood, which give this cannabis strain a coffee-like quality.

Many Pennywise flowers feature sage green and orange coloration. Though considered an Indica, Pennywise plants feature hybrid characteristics. Leaves tend to be slightly broad and may express some red and orange coloration. Some phenotypes may express purple hues. Buds are often coated with a thick layer of milky white trichomes.


Medical Benefits of Pennywise

Strains with 1:1 CBD:THC are super popular in the medical and recreational cannabis communities for these reasons:

  • CBD lessens the intoxicating qualities of THC, making this marijuana strain a great choice for those with cannabis-induced anxiety
  • CBD makes this strain great for inflammation
  • Those with epilepsy also favor strains such as Pennywise for their CBD content
  • Medical cannabis patients with pain favor this strain
  • Neurodegenerative disorders, like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, can also benefit from this strain


May 18, 2017 — Last Updated
Written by Anna Wilcox

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May 18, 2017 — Last Updated
Written by Anna Wilcox

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