Platinum OG Weed; Platinum OG Cannabis Strain; Platinum OG Hybrid Marijuana Strain
strains | 05.03.2023

Platinum OG Marijuana Strain

Platinum OG is a potent pure Indica descended from the venerable OG Kush, which provides a lush, long-lasting body high with great medicinal potential.

If you are looking for an intensely relaxing smoking experience, the Platinum OG strain is an excellent choice. This hybrid cannabis strain is known for its high THC content and earthy, sweet aroma.

Platinum OG is a hybrid strain that is derived from Master Kush, OG Kush, and a third unknown strain.

The effects of Platinum OG are primarily relaxing and sedative, making it an excellent choice for those looking to relieve insomnia, stress, and chronic pain. The buds are dense and covered in resin.

If you’re looking to experience the effects of this strain firsthand, we recommend giving Bloomz’s THCA Flower Platinum OG a look, a delicious THCA hemp flower loaded with the potency of Platinum OG, it’s an undeniably powerful and calming combination.

Keep in mind that Platinum OG is considered a “heavy” strain, so it is recommended for use at night due to its relaxing effects.

Platinum OG Experience

This is a lush Indica-dominant weed, whose parents are OG Kush, Master Kush, and a mystery plant. It’s hugely powerful stuff, weighing in at 20-24% THC, and it’s oriented around a truly melty, heavy body high, although it has some mental effects as well.

However, given its potency, it requires caution, otherwise a pleasant couch lock could turn into a feeling of being dizzy and overwhelmed.

If enthusiasts decide to take on this strain, they shouldn’t plan to do much with the rest of their day. It’s definitely a nighttime weed, which creeps over the consumer quite quickly. After a short mental prelude, it becomes intensely tranquilizing.

Users describe a feeling of liquid warmth and pure calm, with stress and pain disappearing completely. Underneath this, a Sativa mental hum persists, but is not the primary effect.

Enthusiasts in the market for alternative consumption will be pleased to find that this cannabis is widely available in shatter and vape pen form.


Traits of Platinum OG and Platinum OG Seeds

As with the Kush that it’s descended from, this marijuana consists of big, chunky dark green buds with a dusting of clear trichomes. They are notably dense, heavy, and sticky.

The aroma produced is skunky, but also contains a beguiling sweet spice, with traces of pine and even a coffee aroma, according to some consumers. Ignition results in a harsh, thick, heady smoke.


Medical Benefits of Platinum OG

This precious medical marijuana strain is just what some patients are looking for to soothe their ailments.

  • This herb can be extremely relieving and mood-lifting, and may be of use to patients who deal with heavy stress or mild forms of depression.
  • Analgesic properties could have the potential to treat chronic pains and aches.
  • Sedative effects are capable of inducing a deep sleep in insomnia patients.

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