Purple Gorilla Weed; Purple Gorilla Cannabis Strain; Purple Gorilla Hybrid Marijuana Strain
strains | 01.01.2022

Purple Gorilla Marijuana Strain

Purple Gorilla is a mysterious Hybrid strain which produces a silly, childlike mental giddiness and a nice relaxing body buzz.

The Purple Gorilla strain is a somewhat popular Indica-leaning Hybrid from California. Its parentage is a mystery: nobody knows what went into this weed, or who made it. However, its effects are clear: it offers a childlike, giddy sociability with a thoroughgoing body buzz. Enthusiasts will also enjoy its anesthetic effects and its intriguing fruit-and-diesel smell.

Purple Gorilla Experience

This Hybrid cannabis is an intriguing mystery, not unlike an actual fluorescent bigfoot would be. It might, maybe, be a Hybrid of Gorilla Glue #4 and something else, but there are no guarantees here.

Regardless, it’s popular marijuana on the West coast, for good reason: it’s powerful and offers a really fun high with some medicinal potential. And, at 15-19% THC, it’s potent but not insane, allowing for use by smokers of all experience levels.

The first thing that enthusiasts will notice upon consuming this cannabis will be a childlike enthusiasm. It’s a head high that isn’t locked-in and serious, like more intense Sativas can be, but rather sociable and silly. This weed is all about the flighty euphoria.

Eventually, a body high kicks in, which is numbing and dreamy but not 100% sedative. In other words, slumber will be gently encouraged, but not strictly enforced. This makes it a fine daytime marijuana, although it might be slightly better for night time consumption.

A bunch of retailers produce shatter form of this cannabis, and Urban Pharms currently does it in vape cartridge format.

Traits of Purple Gorilla

Consumers who are into bag appeal will love the look of this cannabis, which features nearly spherical buds in a deep green with an unusual amount of purple coloration. While not particularly sticky, the buds are quite dense.

In terms of aroma, this is a nuanced weed: it’s got earthiness, citrus, and diesel aromas, and some enthusiasts report grape notes, although some others don’t share this opinion. The smoke produced by igniting this marijuana is somewhat harsh, although it tastes pleasantly citric.

Medical Benefits of Purple Gorilla

  • Anaesthetic powers of this marijuana could be useful to enthusiasts suffering from chronic aches or other related issues.
  • The relaxant properties of this plant may have medicinal potential for enthusiasts dealing with chronic stress or anxiety.
  • Appetite-boosting effects potentially helpful for addressing gastrointestinal issues.

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