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Purple Voodoo Marijuana Strain

Purple Voodoo is a Hybrid marijuana strain. Descended from several famous purple strains, this Indica-dominant strain will leave marijuana enthusiasts feeling relaxed, euphoric and giggly.

Purple Voodoo is the offspring of a who’s who of purple strains. With Purple Urkle, Purple Diesel and Double Purple Doja lineage, this strain is a well-balanced Hybrid. Originally from California, this strain offers relaxation without an overwhelming fogginess, making it popular among medical marijuana patients and recreational consumers alike.


Purple Voodoo Experience

A real rarity, this strain is an almost perfectly balanced Hybrid. Even marijuana connoisseurs would be splitting hairs to decide if it leans more Indica or Sativa. This California fave offers cannabis consumers a clear-headed high, that relaxes and inspires in equal measures. When the head high begins to fade, euphoria sticks around to accompany a nicely chilled sleepy feeling.

This uplifting buzz can make for a great after work bud, giving you enough energy to get through to some chores or creative projects before winding down for the evening.

Some Purple Voodoo strains present a THC level as low as 7%, but this strain will usually average out to be higher than that, sometimes approaching 16%. The CBD content is far lower, sub 1% in most tests.


Traits of Purple Voodoo and Purple Voodoo Seeds

With the purple heavy hitters in this strain’s lineage, it comes as no surprise that it’s a visually appealing specimen. Dark flowers are so purple they’re almost red.

These plants will actually change color during their growth, transitioning between orange, yellow and purple. The nugs themselves are enormous, and covered in a nice layer of trichomes, giving this weed a sticky finish.

As is typical of purple strains, Voodoo offers up flavors and aromas of sweet grape that is pungent and robust — a real treat for marijuana enthusiasts.


Medical Benefits of Purple Voodoo

This well-balanced strain is perfect for a number of different medical marijuana patients. With decent THC and CBD content, this strain offers a wide range of therapeutic benefits.

  • The clear-headed relaxation of Purple Voodoo makes for an excellent stress reliever, and can even help to manage symptoms of depression
  • In larger doses, the sedative effects can medical marijuana patients who struggle with insomnia to get a restful night’s sleep
  • Muscle spasms and the pain they cause are soothed by this strain

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