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Querkle Marijuana Strain

The Querkle marijuana strain is a high-THC flower that will leave marijuana consumers in a hypnotic, berry haze. Sleepy yet euphoric, save Querkle for the evening.

Querkle is a sleepy indica with some lovely mood-boosting and creative properties. Perfect after a long day at work, this evening flower promotes a strong sense of calmness, ease, and well-being. Querkle is much beloved by medical patients for the treatment of chronic pain and insomnia, providing strong physically-sedative effects. Expect a mouth full of musky grape and woody forest fruits after tasting this relaxing strain. With THC levels reaching over 20%, get ready for a potent and heavy-hitting experience.

Querkle Experience

Querkle provides a drowsy, indica experience. The Querkle high can be described as soft and relaxing. Though this strain has hybrid genetics, the physical effects take dominance and provide a very smooth, full-bodied sense of ease.

Unless you find some bud with very high doses of THC, Querkle does not an incapacitating high. Most of those who have some cannabis experience find that the high from this flower is quite functional. It may be relaxed and slow, but it does not tend to promote serious couch lock or completely zap motivation.

Though Querkle is physically sedative,  Space Queen heritage provides a little mental stimulation Querkle promotes creativity and an all-around happy, thoughtful experience.

All in all, this strain provides a happy and uplifted mental effects with ample pain-relief and a general feeling of physical calmness.

You’re in for a fruity delight with the Querkle cannabis strain. Your nose and taste buds will practically squeal with glee after a taste or two of this drowsy Indica.

Recreational consumers will appreciate some of this weed after a long and stressful day. Worries and troubles with the boss will be left behind you in a grapey haze.

Save this strain for the evening or bedtime, the chances of couch lock are high. Yet, the effects of this strain aren’t all physical. A delightful euphoria accompanies an otherwise heavy-bodied experience.

Marijuana fans can enjoy this strain in a number of different ways, including;

  • Querkle Oil Pens may be available from select brands, like The CO2 Company.
  • Querkle shatter, Querkle wax, and other concentrates are also available from a number of retailers.

Traits of Querkle

Querkle is a cross between Purple Urkle and Space Queen. Purple Urkle is a famous indica popular for its strong, physically sedative effects. Space Queen is a hybrid known for it’s soaring cerebral effects.

The combination of the two has produced Querkle, an indica strain with a slight spacy and cerebral feel.

This strain can produce a fairly wide range of THC. Some Querkle buds have tested as low as 15%, yet it’s not uncommon to find samples that produce up to 22%. If you manage to find some of the strong stuff, some cannabis experience will come in handy.

Otherwise, the combination of heavy sedation coupled with euphoric effects can feel a little psychedelic.

Those who like sweet cannabis strains are in for a treat. Querkle was bred by TGA Subcool Seeds to enhance the strong grape flavor found in Purple Urkle. Querkle tastes like sugary tree fruit with a hint of herbal earthiness.

This berry-licious strain matures faster than the original Purple Urkle, making it a better cash crop for growers seeking something sweet ant top-shelf worthy.

Medical Benefits of Querkle

This evening Indica holds plenty of appeal for medical marijuana patients looking to manage their symptoms and have a peaceful night.

  • Medical patients tend to use this cannabis strain as a sleep aid, appetite stimulator, and natural painkiller.
  • Many with muscle spasms also report positive effects from this relaxing flower.
  • The calming qualities of this strain may also be useful for those with anxiety disorders and PTSD.
  • The mood-uplift that accompanies this strain is also perfect for those who need a little cheering up after a long day or for anyone battling depression.

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