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strains | 01.01.2022

Red Congolese Marijuana Strain

Red Congolese is a truly stimulating Sativa marijuana, which will get the enthusiast up and moving, thanks to a euphoric, focused high.

Red Congolese is a potent and beloved sativa marijuana with landrace genetics. What’s more important, however, is this herb’s stunning effects. This is a truly energetic sativa cannabis. This plant propels its consumer into activity, creativity, and sociability. In many ways, its high is almost the opposite of your stereotypical marijuana brain-melt. Those who enjoy a contemplative headrush will fall in love with this 18-20% THC cannabis.

Red Congolese Experience

When people who aren’t really into marijuana think about a weed high, they often imagine a stationary person with bloodshot eyes zoning out to a movie.

Obviously, these people haven’t tried a pure sativa marijuana like Red Congolese. This plant hits the enthusiast with a focused, euphoric, get-things-done high.

This is exceptional weed. At 18-20% THC, it has just enough strength to please hardcore herbivores without making it totally inaccessible to the less experienced.

After the first taste, consumers will notice a shift in reality. Thoughts move more freely, and time seems to dilate, and the senses come into a more intense focus.

For those who enjoy this kind of cerebral rush, the effect will be absolutely euphoric. Weed enthusiasts will find themselves drawn to tasks, whether that means sweeping the floor, coding a website, or going to the gym.

Accordingly, this is a wonderful daytime cannabis.

However, if you’re prone to negative thinking, be cautious with this one. Unlike heavy indicas, it doesn’t blur your thought patterns. Rather, it accelerates them.

This acclaimed weed is available in shatter and vape pen formats from a bunch of different retailers.

Traits of Red Congolese

Red Congolese has an unusual appearance, owing to its status as a child of geographically isolated landrace plants. Its buds are a deep, saturated green, often encircled with bright red pistils.

As well, it’s got a lovely aroma, which will remind cannabis enthusiasts of the soil it’s grown from. It’s sweet, nuanced, and earthy, a little reminiscent of a garden after rain. The smoke itself has a readily apparent sweetness, as well.

Medical Benefits of Red Congolese

  • Uplifting qualities potentially useful for patients with mild depression or related mood disorders.
  • Stimulating powers may come in handy for those who struggle with fatigue.
  • Some appetite-boosting effects, making it perhaps helpful in cases of gastrointestinal illness.

Edibles Containing Red Congolese

Red Congolese takes approximately 1 hour to kick-in and has a 5-hour duration via edibles. Below are 4 edibles that contain this magnificent strain:

  1. Mellows Strawberry Shortcake
  2. Mellows Birthday Cake
  3. Mellows Black Sesame
  4. Mellows Brown Butter Sage
  5. Mellows Chocolate Malt

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