Sin City Kush Strain
strains | 01.01.2022

Sin City Kush Marijuana Strain

Sin City Kush is a heavy hitting Indica marijuana strain. This herb offers nut and berry flavors and a relaxing experience, leaving marijuana enthusiasts feeling a little sleepy.

Looking for something heavy? Sin City Kush provides a powerfully sedative high that knocks out pain. Excellent for those who need a helping hand catching some shuteye, Sin City Kush offers consumers a strong body experience perfect for winding down. This plant may require a little attention to cultivating, but the light floral aroma and strong-armed effects make this a winning bud for indica fans around the globe.


Sin City Kush Experience

Clear your schedule. Sin City Kush is a sleepy bud that is recommended for evening or nighttime consumption. For those that enjoy smoking a little cannabis and then turning into a rock, this is certainly a strain that can get you there. It’s not uncommon for it to inspire couchlock. You might also find yourself reaching for the phone to call the closest delivery guy.

Though this bud produces a powerful body experience, Sin City Kush offers an enjoyable yet foggy happiness. It’s not uncommon to let out a giggle or two while under this strain’s spell. Yet, Sin City Kush also offers a robust rolling euphoria that makes just about every worry slide out the window.

All and all, this strain is relaxing and contented. Novice consumers may find that this strain puts them to sleep, though even the more canna-experienced are likely to feel the drowsiness this strain provides. At it’s worst, some may find that Sin City Kush makes them feel a little confused or dizzy.

.Highly potent, this strain often features THC levels over 20 percent. Not only does this flower smell amazing, but it offers a strong euphoric and deeply sedative high.


Traits of Sin City Kush and Sin City Kush Seeds

Sin City Kush was bred by Alphakronik Genes from the legendary Las Vegas Purple Kush (LVPK) and a Snowdawg male. Considered 80 percent Indica, this herb has a heavy-hitting reputation. LVPK is a potent California indica with landrace origins. Snowdawg is a sativa-dominant Chemdawg offspring bred on the East Coast of the United States.

This strain’s aroma is often described as lilac or slightly floral in nature, with a strong grape-like quality. A warm nuttiness comes through on the undertones, nicely accentuating the berry sweetness of this strain. The incredible aroma of this flower offers a hint toward the pleasant experience it provides.

Like in most indica strains, the sedative effects of the herb are thought to be caused by higher levels of myrcene. Myrcene is a terpene (aroma molecule) that provides the musky, mango-like scent to some buds. Sin City Kush does have a few hints of musk, but this purple bud tends to express a delightful lilac, grape-like aroma. With nutty undertones and a slight kick of spice, Sin City Kush is a strain certainly worth tasting.

While this strain doesn’t produce the highest yields in the world, its craft aroma, gorgeous appearance, and strong-armed effects certainly make it a grow-worthy bud. While the yields are small to medium, this flower would be an excellent choice for home growers seeking a beautiful plant that is sure to deliver on the THC.

Medical Benefits of Sin City Kush

Best saved for nighttime, this heavy hitting Indica can offer some medical cannabis patients the relief they are looking for.

  • Many medical cannabis patients tend to pick up this bud for relief from insomnia
  • This medical marijuana strain’s powerful body high is also popular among those with chronic pain, muscle tension, muscle spasms, and migraines
  • Many find that Sin City Kush is also helpful in temporarily alleviating pressure caused by glaucoma
  • Those with chronic stress and depression may benefit from Sin City Kush

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