Somango Marijuana Strain

Somango is an Indica-dominant marijuana strain. Renowned for its mango and tropical fruit flavors, this herb offers cannabis consumers a sense of relaxation and focus.

Somango Weed; Somango Cannabis Strain; Somango Indica Marijuana Strain

This Soma Seeds creation is a cross between some serious heavy hitters. With Jack Herer, Super Skunk and Big Skunk Korean in its family tree, is it any wonder Somango has become a favorite among marijuana enthusiasts? This Indica-dominant plant’s THC levels are typically found in the range of 20%, making it more suitable for experience cannabis consumers.


Somango Experience

A 75/25 Indica-Sativa split, the Somango marijuana strain pairs some heavily sedative effects with an almost psychedelic head high. These occasionally intense effects make this strain between suited for more experienced marijuana consumers, especially when consumed in larger doses.

Those who are used to more intense cannabis experiences, however, will cherish heavy body buzz while holding on to some of their mental clarity when necessary. A few boring chores to burn through? Somango might be the answer.

Aside from a wave of good vibes and physical relaxation, expect some serious munchies when partaking in this bud. Keep some snacks on hand to avoid calamity.


Traits of Somango and Somango Seeds

Originally known as Soma #5, this flower was eventually rebranded on account of its mango and tropical fruit flavors and aromas. While mango undoubtedly dominates the day, marijuana enthusiasts will also notice elements of earthiness amongst the sweet and sour tropical tones.

The flavor is much the same, adding in delightful hints of spice and vanilla that only more experienced cannabis consumers may detect. Mango and other tropical fruit flavors will linger on the tongue long after the session is over, which very few cannabis consumers will complain about.

Somango seeds produce incredibly resinous buds, which can be excellent for the production of hash and kief.


Medical Benefits of Somango

Jack Herer is a notable medicinal plant, and thankfully it has passed much of its therapeutic properties down to this Indica-dominant flower.

  • Chronic pain stemming from a number of conditions may be brought under control with this sedative herb.
  • The relaxing effects can also have a positive impact on mental health conditions, such as chronic stress.
  • If a lack of appetite of nausea are a concern, this strain is sure to get hunger fires burning.
February 12, 2018 — Last Updated
Written by Dan Ophaug

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February 12, 2018 — Last Updated
Written by Dan Ophaug

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