Watch our staff try to make bongs out of random objects


Some people were way better at it…


In states of emergency, or out of sheer boredom, weed smokers always have the option of taking random objects, putting them together, and somehow, someway transforming what started off as a bunch of supplies into a DIY bong. For some stoners, you can hand them just about anything, whether it be a dildo or a pair of Crocs, and they’ll make magic happen. Others, however, aren’t exactly what you would call experts at stoner arts and crafts.

In this segment of our ‘Yeah Dude Why Not’ series, we put our staff here at Herb to the ultimate test to see how well they can make a DIY bong.  While high, of course. Does the crew have what it takes to turn a pink flamingo, a squash, or perhaps even Barbie into a pipe? And will it rip? There’s only one way to find out…