Why jamming high is so amazing


We talked to touring indie bands for their insights.


It’s no secret that music and marijuana are a match made in heaven. Throughout history, rock icons like the Beatles, Deep Purple, and countless other legends smoked the herb not just for inspiration to write songs, but also to get them in the right mindset to put on a killer performance. Today is no different. From jazz to indie to rap, artists from every genre imaginable are still using cannabis to find their muses.

Our team here at Herb had the pleasure of smoking up three of today’s indie rockers: Matt Hart from the Russian Futurists, and Conner Clarkin and Collin Chepeka from Heartless Romantics. These guys follow the same ritual as so many of our favorite bands: getting stoned and creating great music. Aside from partaking in a few bong rips, we sat down to discuss how marijuana influences their playing, their thoughts on the stigma of cannabis, and their favorite strains, among other weed-related topics.