Wiz Khalifa shows you how to roll the perfect joint


There are few better people in this world to teach the art of joint rolling than Wiz Khalifa.

Rob Hoffman

There are few better people in this world to teach the art of joint rolling than Wiz Khalifa. And thankfully,  Khalifa has made this advice public in a video where he teaches marijuana enthusiasts “how to roll a perfect joint.” But even Khalifa aside, this isn’t your usual how-to video for joint rolling. Khalifa’s rolling style is a little unorthodox, and even veteran joint smokers will find Khalifa’s rolling style worth a try.

We enter the video with Khalifa lounging in a jacuzzi. Given his endless supply of marijuana and even more boundless love for the plant, it’s no surprise that Khalifa rolls with king-sized papers. He pulls out the paper, creases it, and that’s when his signature joint-rolling method begins.

Wiz Khalifa takes the bottom corner of the joint—the side that the joint will eventually be lit from—and pinches it between his forefinger and thumb. Then, he twists the corner about a dozen times. The result is what Khalifa calls a “boat.” You know how the end of your joint is usually opened while you’re trying to roll, so those little bits of marijuana fall out the end, onto the floor, and are ultimately wasted? Wiz Khalifa’s “boat” is a way of creating a cone-like end of the joint that will hold your weed securely while you’re rolling—a particularly handy trick for beginners, who are still learning the nimble finger dexterity necessary for high-quality joints. “Now that twist up there in the front is what’s helping because everything is level,” Khalifa says in the interview. It also gives you space to multi-task. “You can talk while you roll…you could like fix your hat, you can do whatever you want to do!”

The rest of Wiz Khalifa’s advice is pretty straightforward: pour the weed in, tuck, roll, lick and stick. But he also has a unique way of forming his filters. He does an accordion fold, crimping the filter paper three times before rolling it, creating a “W” shape at the end of the filter. Then he simply slides that into the smoking-end of the joint.

The end result is indisputably a beautiful joint.

While I’ll admit, Khalifa’s process can be a little long and unnecessary for the veteran joint roller, this method can really help out in the beginning. Or if you’re looking to impress your friends by adding a little bit of style into your joint-rolling method. Either way, the joint is rolled well and ready to smoke—so enjoy.

I’ll leave off with a quote from the Wiz himself: “Why can’ t everyone just smoke like me? Just gimme a quiet place and lemme roll my weed, where ain’t nobody in my business, don’t nobody gotta know, let all your conscious go and blow it by the O.” 

Rob Hoffman