Want to get a great deal on you dank? If you are looking to travel the globe and blaze in exotic places, these are the cheapest places to find weed on the planet!

5. South Africa

chepeast weed SA 5 Countries Where Marijuana Is The Cheapest
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At just $4.45 per gram, that puts an ounce in South Africa at just $126 dollars. That is roughly half the average cost for an ounce in America, and it is currently decriminalized in most of the region, which means you can more freely enjoy it without risking jail time. Marijuana is up for medical legalization here as well, but make sure your green comes from reliable source, some reports state that drug traffickers in the country have been adding heroin and rat poison to marijuana, creating a dangerous new drug called “nyope”.

4. Afghanistan

chepeast weed afganistan 5 Countries Where Marijuana Is The Cheapest
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Dropping to $4.35, or $123 dollars an ounce, Afghanistan may be barren in places, but it does have some beauty all its own. Make sure there isn’t a war going on before you travel, and you could enjoy smoking in the top marijuana producing country in the world, and the home of the first cannabis plants.

3. India

chepeast weed india 5 Countries Where Marijuana Is The Cheapest
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A huge price drop, you can get weed in India for just $3.03 a gram, or about $86 dollars an ounce. This country is vast and beautiful, once you get outside of the overpopulated cities. Like Mexico, you don’t really want to drink the public water, but with the right travel agent, you could experience Nirvana in a land of mysticism. Cannabis is widespread and well ingrained in the culture here, with some holidays even instructing its use; it is considered one of the five sacred plants in India’s culture.

2. Brazil

chepeast weed rio 5 Countries Where Marijuana Is The Cheapest
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Hands down the biggest party you will ever see, Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is an event worth the trip by itself. Brazil is a country known the world over for several things: beautiful scenery, amazing beaches, painful body waxing styles, gorgeous women, and weed for $2.41 an gram, or $69 dollars an ounce! What’s not to love?

1. Uruguay

chepeast weed uruguay 5 Countries Where Marijuana Is The Cheapest
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Not only is Uruguay the best place in the world right now to smoke cannabis, since it is widespread, legalized for personal use and cultivation, and regulated, but it is also the cheapest place in the world to get your green! You can buy your herb without fear of legal problems there for as little as $1 an gram, or $29 dollars an ounce. That is 1/10th the cost of weed in the United States.

Cannabis helps us appreciate the beauty of nature! What places would you put on your smoking bucket list? Share your thoughts with us on social media  or in the comments section below.