Gather round children. Today we get to learn how to roll a blunt with a glass filter tip! You may be wondering why we bother with glass filter tips. Traditionalists will stay with paper, but new smokers would enjoy this. It allows you to smoke all your herb – no herb gets into your mouth, no resin on the fingers or lips or whatever, and you can take them anywhere

So let’s dive right in. Stoned Reviews has a video to walk us through the steps of how to roll a blunt with the glass filter tip.

Open it all up

blunt How To Roll A Blunt With A Glass Filter Tip
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Unwrap the leaf then cut the cigar with a knife in a straight line, going lengthwise. This will open up the cigar and allow you to empty the “guts” into the garbage. Do not force the guts out, but slide them out gently. Forcing it could tear the cigar. If you don’t have a knife, you can use your fingers to tear a straight line in the cigar. Start at the top and use your thumbs to begin the tear, then work your way down to the bottom of the cigar. We are assuming you have already ground your herb. That should go without saying.

Fill it up and seal

g1 How To Roll A Blunt With A Glass Filter Tip
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Moisten the cigar to keep it open.  Then begin to pour in your herb carefully as not to waste any.  Spread the weed evenly throughout the blunt. Begin to shape the blunt by folding and rolling it upward, around the weed. As you tuck the wrap around the weed be sure to keep the blunt tight. Lick the edge of the blunt and begin to press down to secure it. Secure everything except the very end.

Glass filter

g2 How To Roll A Blunt With A Glass Filter Tip
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Get your glass filter and slide it into the unsealed end of the blunt and then moisten and seal the end as well. Moisten your outer leaf that you took off earlier and re-roll it back onto the blunt.  Then dry it and enjoy it!

Simple and Easy. Do you use a glass filter? Let us know how you enjoy it on social media or in the comments section below.