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1. The handful of dreams

😍😍 #budpg13

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2. Layers

3. Macro

• Purple Green • 😈🍃😩💣🙌🏻⛽️🔥💨 ^ by: shesmokesjoints ^

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4. Frosty

5. #HERBWeedPorn

6. Strong growth

Best plant ever <3 Follow @weedparadise_420 for daily weed content!

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7. Ganja Girls


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8. Blue-Dreaming

9. Sunrise at The Cannabis Cup

10. Another successful 420 in Vancouver

4/20 Vancouver was so beautiful! 💚 I love that HUGE 4:20 countdown smoke cloud! Tens of thousands of our fellow marijuana enthusiasts & activists gathered to celebrate cannabis and protest prohibition. Big thanks to @CannabisCulture's crew and our many friends and sponsors who volunteer for months to make this epic gathering possible. I'm sad I was only able to attend briefly (I took the red-eye flight to Toronto for our first court appearance this morning at 9am) and I mostly talked to media for interviews while there, so I regret I didn't make it beyond the main stage… but I'm eager to see more videos and photos from everyone who attended! As long as people are still stigmatized, arrested & jailed for cannabis, our activism work isn't over. Thank you for the love and support, and for making 4/20 Vancouver such a magical, peaceful, wonderful event to remember! ✌🏻 #Vancouver #Vancity #420Vancouver #Vancouver420 #cannabis #marijuana #CannabisCulture #activism #activists #NoPrisonForPot #NoMoreDrugWar #NoMoreMarijuanaArrests #OvergrowTheGovernment

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