Need a quick fix for anxiety and inflammatory pain? Stephen Hawking Kush is the high-CBD strain for the job. This tall plant produces heavy yields and provides consumers with a tingly, alert, and relaxed cannabis experience. This flower is an excellent choice for anyone who needs powerful relief while avoiding some of the sedation and mind-warping nature of THC.

Strain details

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Stephen Hawking Kush (SHK) is an indica-dominant strain bred by Alphakronik Genes. Considered a high-CBD strain, this bud often features about a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD.

However, there are three phenotypes of SHK in total. One of them produces as high as a 5:1 ratio of CBD to THC, meaning that it won’t provide any sort of high at all.

A cross between Harle-Tsu and Sin City Kush, Stephen Hawking Kush is a part of Alphakronic’s CBD+ line, which was designed to breed up CBD. On average, this bud tests about 5 percent THC and 5 percent CBD. Though, there are some samples that test over 20 percent CBD.

Like many CBD strains, Stephen Hawking Kush has a strong base aroma of wood and earth. Splashes of berry and cherry give this bud a little pizzaz, and some even detect some hints of sharp citrus. All in all, SHK is a good-looking and tasty CBD strain, which is a little uncommon for CBD hybrids.

The Stephen Hawking Kush experience

Stephen Hawking Kush 1 Stephen Hawking Kush: This High CBD Indica Is A Bit Of A Genius
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Though often considered a medical cannabis strain, Stephen Hawking Kush is a great choice for just about anyone. One-to-one strains are fabulous daytime choices all around, even those considered indicas. While this bud does have a slightly sedative quality, it is more relaxing and serene than sleepy.

Samples higher in CBD may have fewer sedative qualities. Instead, you’re more likely to experience a clear-headed feeling of calm. Regardless of the phenotype, SHK provides a very focused and alert experience, which is common for high-CBD strains.

Some find that this bud does provide a gentle euphoria, but the overall effect is not mind-altering. SHK offers more of a smooth uplift rather than a soaring high.

Though this bud is not considered mind-altering, it does have some substantial body effects. Similar to taking an aspirin, Stephen Hawking Kush quickly soothes aches and pains and tends to leave consumers with a comfortable and mellow body sensation. Stiffness and tension don’t stand a chance against this delightful bud.

Why do people use Stephen Hawking Kush?

Stephen Hawking Kush 2 Stephen Hawking Kush: This High CBD Indica Is A Bit Of A Genius
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CBD is a strong anti-inflammatory, making Stephen Hawking Kush an excellent choice for those hoping to manage chronic pain. Those with arthritis may appreciate this bud as a daytime symptoms management tool. Stephen Hawking Kush is also popular among those seeking relief from muscle spasms and tremors.

While strains high in THC can be aggravating to some with anxiety conditions, CBD is thought to be a potent anxiolytic. Those seeking stress relief and hoping to stay grounded during a difficult time might enjoy the calm and easygoing nature of this herb.

Stephen Hawking Kush is also popular among those seeking fast relief from headaches or nausea. Perhaps thanks to its ability to ease inflammatory pain, SHK can quickly quell a migraine or ease a tension headache.

While SHK can be used during the day, this delightful flower can also help improve sleep. Though, it certainly is not as sedative as a high-THC strain.