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Inspired by a relentless curiosity about all things in nature, Anna has over five years of experience as a health and wellness writer for various outlets. When she’s not writing for Herb, she can be found relaxing on the beach with her dog.

Some people say this is the best tasting concentrate, but what is marijuana wax?

A variety of marijuana wax in jars

Everything from the science to a DIY recipe, here’s what you need to know about CBD for psoriasis.

A woman suffers from a skin condition. CBD for psoriasis could be the answer.

There is some debate, but in the case of Ethanol Extraction vs. CO2 Extraction there can be only one winner

Looking for a 420 friendly vacation?

A man in a greenhouse, growing what he believes to be the best weed in the world

We dive into the science of weed and sleep to find answer the question: why does weed make you tired?

Laying down in bed a woman smokes cannabis, wondering why does weed make you tired

Is smoking cannabis just as bad as smoking cigarettes? The answer might surprise you.

Are Blunts Worse Than Cigarettes?

There are a number of studies supporting CBD as a possible solution to depression.

Someone smokes on a rooftop. Can CBD help with depression?

Many of the rarest weed strains have ancient roots, but will they be around for much longer? You’ll be lucky if you can get your hands on these rare buds.

A man enjoys some of the rarest cannabis strains

Is it really beneficial to take some time off from the herb?

Asking what is a weed tolerance break leads a man to enjoy a joint and high like the first time.

From joints and bongs to vaporizers and hot knives, here’s how to smoke hash.

Man smokes cannabis hash

CBD seems to be everywhere these days, but many people are still wondering: what is CBD?

In this article, we answer the question what is CBD? Here, a man is shown with a dropper full of CBD oil

Before you can begin making infused treats, you need to know how to decarb weed. We’ve got you covered.

A worker looks through a bag of marijuana that will be used to make marijuana infused chocolate edibles at Kiva Confections. To make your own infused edibles you'll have to know how to decarb weed.

If you’re looking for a new way to smoke weed that doesn’t involve a lot of money or time, there’s nothing like a gravity bong.

A man uses a gravity bong to produce thick clouds with very little weed

From anxiety to PTSD, we review the health benefits of marijuana and how you might be able to use it in your life.

In this article we explore the health benefits of marijuana. Here, a man smokes a joint on the couch with his friend

From cannabis Keurig pods to sodas, these are the best weed drinks.

Lemonade made of marijuana is seen at Perennial Holistic Wellness Center medical marijuana dispensary, which opened in 2006, on July 25, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. In this article, we feature the best weed drinks on the market now

Whether you’re looking for the cheapest bong that’ll rip or a pipe that’ll never break, Herb’s guide on the best bongs will make sure you find it.

A Complete Guide to All the Best Bongs on the Market

Whether you’re new to concentrates or a total pro, our cannabis concentrates guide should help you make informed decisions about what’s best for you.

Cannabis Concentrates 101: Explore Shatter, Budder and More. Here, a woman is shown inhaling a concentrate

These strains are perfect for when you’re craving weed in the morning to clear mental fog alongside your coffee.

A man lights up outside. Do you enjoy weed in the morning along with your coffee? Herb has the guide for the best strains for a wake and bake routine.

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