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Experts say that if citizens can get better prices from a neighborhood drug dealer, then legalization will not signal the end of the black market.

Apparently, the black market could get worse. Could this be the biggest fault in Canada’s plan for legal cannabis next year?


Which of these decisions do you think will have the most negative effect on the cannabis experience in Ontario?


Moncton-based medical cannabis producer, Organigram, will provide New Brunswick with at least five million grams a year to supply the recreational market.


What do the statistics reveal about a population that consumes cannabis at some of the highest rates in the developed world?


Which of the top professional sports leagues do you think has the most unfair testing regulations with regard to cannabis use?


Canada’s most populous province, Ontario, has officially unveiled their framework for the sales of recreational cannabis at government-run dispensaries.

government-run dispensaries

The High Hopes Foundation is switching pain-killer abusers to a much milder and infinitely less deadly alternative, which as you can guess, is cannabis.

High Hopes Foundation

Many Canadian investors are looking at the successful recreational cannabis market in Colorado for some insight on what to expect next year.


With sights set on legal recreational bud next year, it appears that many Canadian cannabis entrepreneurs are ignoring regulations for dispensaries.


Check out which Canadian provinces are having second thoughts about recreational cannabis legalization in under a year and their reasons.


Here are 10 of this weeks funniest #WeedMemes from the creative minds of Instagram.


There’s a light at the end of the tunnel for players, as the NFL looks at research into cannabis as a pain management tool.

pain management

With Canadian officials wary of a Canada Day legalization date, recreational cannabis could arrive sooner than expected.

Canada Day

Earlier this year, Germany passed one of the world’s most progressive medical cannabis plans. Has it made an effect on the prices per gram?


A PSB survey sheds some light on how Canadian’s can handle their cannabis better than their southerly big brother.


The NBA has always had a long feud with cannabis use, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some quotes from the stars that give off some heavy stoner vibes.

NBA Stars

Project Lincoln’s most recent raids on Canna Clinic point to a seemingly never-ending police enforcement on the booming dispensary industry in Canada.

Canna Clinic

For medical patients in Canada, finding a quality MMJ producer is getting easier and easier now with these high-quality, regulated producers.

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