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Michelle is a staff writer at Herb focused on cannabis culture, trends, and education. Her work has also appeared in Playboy, Rolling Stone, High Times, and others. Originally from the East Coast, she now spends most of the year in Southern Mexico with her pup, Chuy. Follow her on Twitter @m00shian.


The SCROG method is ideal for home-growers with a few indoor plants.

A grow using the SCROG method is shown.

If you’re thinking about starting your own grow, this is what you need to know about indoor vs. outdoor weed.

Growing Indoor vs. Outdoor Weed: What's the Difference? Here, a plant is shown close up

The best homemade bug spray for weed plants is organic and can be made easily with things bought at the grocery store.

A woman sprays a plant. Herb has your guide to the best homemade bug spray for weed plants.

Our list of the best Black Friday CBD deals can help you get the most for your money.

A man browses the internet for the best Black Friday CBD deals

You don’t have to be a yogi to do ganja yoga. Cannabis is helping people of all ages and backgrounds realign their bodies and relax.

In this article we explore the benefits of ganja yoga. Pictured here: wellness influencer namaste jenay

Many are saying now’s the time to invest in the cannabis industry. But with so many factors to consider, which company you should take your chances on? We spoke to three experts on the best weed stocks to buy.

Investor on the trading floor. If you want to support invest in your favourite plant, Herb has your guide to the best weed stocks to buy.

Are CBD anti-aging products the secret to youthful skin or just another fad?

A woman uses cbd anti aging products to prevent wrinkles

Cannabis suppositories for cramps are said to provide immediate and powerful relief for women on their periods. I put them to the test.

Woman trying cannabis suppositories for cramps is shown on the toilet

A federal court set precedent by ruling that cannabis patients get workers’ rights and can’t be discriminated against.

cannabis patients win workers rights after a woman sued an employer who discriminated against her medical cannabis use. here, a woman is shown peering out the window w/ a joint

From hemp products to medicine, cannabis has been helping society for 10,000 years. But what’s next?

A man looks through a microscope. Scientists confirm cannabis has been helping society for 10,000 years.

Since cannabis is more energy efficient than beer, you’re basically helping to save the environment by choosing a joint over a six-pack—right?

A young man smokes weed by a window. Not only is weed a better way to relax, but a new report reveals that cannabis is more energy efficient than beer.

Does CBD vape oil get you high? It’s a question more and more people are asking as both CBD and vape pens grow in popularity.

A man is shown exhaling smoke. In this article, we ask "Does CBD Vape Oil Get You High?"

“Chronic by Dre” was slated to include everything from topicals to smoking accessories.

'Chronic by Dre' Cannabis Brand Planned Without Dre's Permission. Here, a photo of Dre is shown.

Curiosity, tentacle touching, and water ballet? Introducing: Octopi on MDMA.

A close up of octopi tentacles. Scientists recently observed octopi on MDMA and the results showed a lot of touching and water ballet.

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