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I've been writing for about eight years, mainly on art and tech for Vice, The Globe, and Mail, The Atlantic and Toronto Life. I worked at the SPACE channel for a year. I'm just wrapping up my first book, about the recent history of pinball, which Slash is writing the forward to.

There comes a time in every smoker’s life when he or she must learn how to fashion an everyday object into a bong.

Most DIY Bongs Are Made From Apples And Bottles, Says Survey

Allegedly, it is religious and financial sentiments in Utah that are keeping cannabis illegal.

Mormon Church Opposing Utah Medical Marijuana and cannabis Initiative Owns $1 Billion Worth of Big Pharma Stocks

Recently, Japan has approved a large billboard in Omotesando Station in Tokyo/ The billboard will display an advertisement for one of Elixinol’s CBD products, Hemp Oil Drops.

Japan CBD Oil Advertisement

Since Sherrif Daniels released the viral video, it has become clear that the so-called “narcotics house” only contained cannabis.

Viral Opioid Bust Turns Up Less Than 40 Grams of Pot

Clinton was widely mocked for the comment during his presidential run. In a recent interview, he stood by it.

Bill Clinton pointing his finger in front of the American flag

Months after Toronto police officers Vittorio Dominelli and Jamie Young got too high eating edibles during a dispensary raid, the pair has officially been charged.

Toronto cops running away

For encouraging “drug-use,” Turkish Rapper Ezhel could face up to 10 years in prison.

Portrait of Turkish rapper Ezhel

One student fought to take his case to the state’s supreme court.

Will Canada take over the global cannabis market while the U.S. refuses to overturn prohibition?

Snoop Dogg wearing a Montreal Canadiens jersey while in Quebec.

Pheonix Tears previously sent out a press release stating that their CBD oil would be sold in 7-Eleven convenience stores across the United States. Stephanie Shaw, 7-Eleven’s director of communication, says that claim was completely false.

7-Eleven store denies rumors it will sell CBD oils

Banks are holding up state cannabis programs across the country. West Virginia’s medical cannabis program could be thwarted before it even begins.

Medical Marijuana in an old mans hands next to cbd oil and a vaporizer

Reuben Foster of the 49ers is officially in the clear for cannabis possession charges.

Reuben Foster of the San Fransisco 49ers smiling during a game

David Meyer has previously been flagged for the improper use of pesticides. Should medical marijuana patients in North Dakota be worried?

Reckless Rancher, David Meyer, Becomes One Of Two Cannabis Cultivators In North Dakota

Tom and his dog Ben are trained to find weed, but their main focus these days is the stuff causing overdoses.

Discreet Intervention: The Man And His Drug-Sniffing Dog Fighting The Opioid Crisis

Just like in the U.S., the poor are disproportionately blamed for the U.K.’s drug problems.

UK Police Leader Simon Kempton Says The Middle Class, Not The Poor, Fund UK's Drug Gangs

In Maine, a booming market for homemade cannabis concentrates has fuelled safety concerns after a series of fires.

Maine apartment fire homemade cannabis concentrates

Snoop was dry so he called Tupac, who showed up with then-girlfriend Madonna in tow.

Snoop Dogg Reminisces About Smoking Weed On SNL With Tupac

The aspiring rapper became a viral sensation in 2017.

Young King Dave, Doink-Smoking Internet Celebrity, Dies At 19

The medical cannabis program in Ohio is supposed to be operational by September 9th, 2018. However, a lawsuit in Franklin County filed by would-be cannabis grower Releaf could potentially hold up the process.

Ohio Governor John Kaisch making a 2016 speech. Releaf is currently suing Ohio over the lisencing process for medical cannabis growers.

The film follows the Sisters of The Valley, a progressive group of weed growing nuns who believe in the medical and spiritual power of cannabis.

New Documentary Profiles Weed Growing Nuns Will Release This Fall

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