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Best Dispensaries In Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Broken Arrow's dispensary scene is packed. Here are our top 5.

Oklahoma legalized medical marijuana in 2018. The state’s medical program is enormous, prompting dispensaries to meet demand. It didn’t take long for the state to adopt some notable dispensaries from city to city.

This time around, we’re focussing on the top dispensaries in Broken Arrow. With over 113,000 residents located in the northeastern section of Oklahoma, we know there are a ton of patients in search of the perfect cannabis product for their specific needs. We’ll help you find it. 

See below for more information about the best cannabis dispensaries in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. 

Canna Land Broken Arrow Dispensary

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Located at 6440 S Elm Place, Canna Land Broken Arrow Dispensary has some of the friendliest, most knowledgeable budtenders in the state. 

Their proud to offer you an extensive rundown on any product you may desire while steering you towards options for your preferred experience. Their wide-ranging product selection, accessible location, open-concept layout, endless deals, and supreme customer service make this dispensary a must-try. 

Minerva Canna Broken Arrow Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Photo By Minerva Canna Broken Arrow Medical Marijuana Dispensary

If you prefer to browse at your own pace, do it at Minerva Canna. This Broken Arrow dispensary at 900 S Aspen Avenue has tons of products and accessories on display and a helpful staff to help you learn more about them. 

Minerva Canna is committed to providing you with the finest medical marijuana products available, which come directly from their Minerva Canna grow house. They also have a Canna Cafe Kitchen that crafts delicious edibles for sale at the shop. It’s home to all the products you will ever need. 

Re-Up Cannabis Dispensary

Photo By Re-Up Cannabis Dispensary

Re-Up Cannabis Dispensary feels like home. The interior design resembles a cozy lounge, displaying all sorts of products and accessories for patients to browse. 

Located at 3440 E Houston Street, Re-Up Cannabis Dispensary is committed to serving patients nothing but lab-tested, top-shelf, medical-grade products. Not only that, but they aim to be the most affordable dispensary in Broken Arrow. Stop by and get slashed prices on your favorite goods. 

GreenHub Cannabis Club

Photo By GreenHub Cannabis Club

Sitting at 6122 S Garnett Road, GreenHub Cannabis Club is unmatched in terms of product selection. Patients constantly rave about the impressive flower selection and top-tier edible options, which are mighty fine, flavorful, and potent. 

GreenHub Cannabis Club takes pride in the quality of their products and strives to supply you with goods that elevate your well-being and nip pain and discomfort in the bud. Besides their incredible selection, GreenHub’s budtenders are eager to educate patients on which products are ideal for their specific conditions. 

Buzzin Cannabis Company

Photo By Buzzin Cannabis Company

Deals are always buzzing at Buzzin Cannabis Company. Located at 709 W New Orleans Street, this locally-owned and licensed medical marijuana dispensary believes in giving patients the best products at the best possible prices. 

Their interior is stacked with premium products, and first-time patients can choose from a $5 mid-shelf strain of the day or a $10 top-shelf gram of the day. Everything else is 20% for first-time buyers. Expect a friendly staff, a broad array of products, and a breezy shopping experience like no other. 

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