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Best Dispensaries In Sarasota, Florida

Here are the top pot shops in beautiful Sarasota.

Florida is huge, and equally so is its medical marijuana market. With roughly 500 dispensaries throughout the state, we’re helping connect patients with the best weed shops for breezy, consistent, and enjoyable retail experiences. 

There’s nothing worse than a lackluster dispensary experience. Whether they don’t have the product you wanted or the staff isn’t all that helpful, we’re weeding out the duds and featuring the best shops with a broad selection and a knowledgeable staff eager to help you feel good. 

Without further ado, see below for the best dispensaries in Sarasota, Florida. 

Cannabist Dispensary

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Located at 6979 S Tamiami Trail, Cannabist Dispensary is Sarasota’s leading cannabis shop. From the refreshing interior design to the helpful budtenders and wicked product selection, Cannabist should be your first stop.

The staff takes pride in putting patients first by providing high-quality cannabis products and wellness solutions for your needs. They work hard to provide you with the perfect product for your situation. It’s our favorite dispensary in Sarasota, and pretty soon, it’ll be yours too.

MÜV Dispensary Sarasota

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Another great option for Sarasota dispensaries is MÜV, a trusted Florida dispensary chain that also carries its own brand of award-winning cannabis-infused products.

Located at 1618 Main Street, this medical marijuana dispensary is praised for its premium product selection that provides consistent and predictable experiences. The staff is eager to help connect you with the best product for your need, and they aim to help you have fun and learn more throughout the process.

Curaleaf Dispensary Sarasota

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Curaleaf is another celebrated dispensary chain that has 142 dispensaries across 21 states. They only hire the most knowledgeable budtenders who can live up to the Curaleaf name and provide patients with an unmatched cannabis retail experience.

Your health and wellness are the top priority at Curaleaf. Although it’s a multi-state dispensary chain, the Sarasota location at 1435 S Tamiami Trail is incredibly intimate with barely any wait time, and their lineup of impressive products keeps us coming back.

Sunnyside Medical Cannabis Dispensary Sarasota

Photo By Sunnyside Medical Cannabis Dispensary Sarasota

Another praised dispensary in Sarasota is Sunnyside Medical Cannabis Dispensary, located at 8307 Lockwood Ridge Road. They call themself a “new kind of cannabis shop” that lets patients explore high-quality products for everyday wellness.

Sunnyside is also the maker of One Plant brands, sold at their various locations throughout the state. From product selection to the bright interior and polite staff, Sunnyside won’t let you down.

GrowHealthy Sarasota

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When you’re searching for a product selection like no other, stop by 3555 Clark Road and see what GrowHealthy has in store for you. They carry everything from flower and distillate to live rosin, vapes, and their own branded goods.

Products aside, shopping at GrowHealthy is a breeze. Their staff is eager to help you find the perfect solution for your needs while informing you of all the possible options that can make a difference. Wellness grows healthy at GrowHealthy.

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