Dream Queen Marijuana Strain

20% thc0.1% cbd

Dream Queen is a Hybrid marijuana strain. Descended from famous strains like Blue Dream and Space queen, this herb will leave you feeling energized and a little spacey.

CrampsDepressionInsomniaLack Of AppetiteMuscle SpasmsPainPMSStress

Dream Queen is a smooth and spacey Hybrid marijuana strain with an energetic kick. This bud is recommended for daytime use, and can produce up to 23 percent THC. These higher than average levels make it a great choice for consumers with some cannabis experience.


Dream Queen Experience

Dream Queen is an offspring of one of the most popular Hybrid cannabis strain on the planet, Blue Dream. In this case, Blue Dream was crossed with Space Queen, another potent, popular Hybrid marijuana strain, known for its heavily psychoactive effects.

The resulting love child is this Sativa-dominant Hybrid. Marijuana enthusiasts can expect an energizing yet spacey high. While the effects are mostly of the Sativa variety, there is a pleasant body buzz that cannabis consumers are sure to enjoy. While the overall experience tends to be manageable, novice marijuana consumers may experience some dizziness with this herb.

The overall effects of this strain are often described as cerebral and dreamy, with plenty of silliness thrown into the mix, of course.


Traits of Dream Queen and Dream Queen Seeds

Upon first inspection, this strain’s most noticeable trait is its taste and aroma. Dream Queen has a sweet and floral fragrance, with woody undertones and a slight earthiness.

The buds themselves are a beautiful emerald green with ample red-orange pistillate hairs. Quite strong, this herb can produce up to 23 percent THC. That’s one psychoactive bud.


Medical Benefits of Dream Queen

Medical marijuana patients will definitely think they’re dreaming when they feel how this strain helps their symptoms melt away.

  • Medical cannabis patients seeking relief from ailments like depression, PMS, and chronic stress might appreciate the uplifting and mood-boosting potential of this flower.
  • This strain is also a popular selection among patients with pain conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia.
  • Those with muscle-related ailments like cramps and spasms often enjoy the high-THC content in this bud.
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