Golden Lemons Marijuana Strain

Golden Lemons Weed; Golden Lemons Cannabis Strain; Golden Lemons Hybrid Marijuana Strain
23% THC 2% CBD

Golden Lemons is a popular West Coast Hybrid marijuana strain. Offering delightful lemon flavors, this strain will leave cannabis consumers feeling euphoric and sleepy.

Pain Relief
Lack Of Appetite
Tree Fruit

Golden Lemons is a sweet and powerful hybrid making its way down the West Coast. Regularly featuring over 20% THC, this slightly Indica-dominant bud is recommended for experienced marijuana consumers.


Golden Lemons Experience

Bred by DNA Genetics, Golden Lemons is a cross between Kosher Kush and Lemon Skunk. Kosher Kush and Lemon Skunk are also DNA creations. Marijuana enthusiasts will know the for its extremely potent Indica effects. The latter is a spirited Sativa-dominant Hybrid with a pungent citrus aroma.

The overall result of the cross is a slightly Indica-dominant Hybrid, providing a nice balance between deep relaxation and upbeat mental clarity. Golden Lemons is perfect for those marijuana consumers interested in pressing hash or making concentrates.

This strain is covered with a dense layer of crystally trichomes and often features THC levels over 23%. Using a three chamber herb grinder is recommended for this strain. It is a heavy kief producer, and there’s no sense letting all of those cannabinoids to waste!

Traits of Golden Lemons and Golden Lemons Seeds

This strain definitely shows off its lineage with a pungent citrus aroma that will remind marijuana connoisseurs of both Lemon Skunk and Kosher Kush.

That pungency is tempered on the inhale, where a pleasant lemon and citrus flavor mingles with a classic earthy cannabis taste. Those with more experienced palates will detect a spicy herbal tone, a nod to this herb’s kush heritage.

While all that glitters isn’t gold, these buds certainly are golden. These top-shelf nugs are coated with a resinous layer of golden trichomes, making for some real sticky weed.


Medical Benefits of Golden Lemons

Medical marijuana patients searching for a relaxed yet upbeat mental experience will enjoy Golden Lemons.

  • It may be beneficial for fast relief from chronic stress and muscle tension
  • Those seeking a remedy for depression may also appreciate the mood-boosting qualities of this funky herb
  • Medical marijuana patients who struggle with a lack of appetite may also find some relief thanks to this powerful Hybrid