Mr. Nice Marijuana Strain

Mr. Nice Weed; Mr. Nice Cannabis Strain; Mr. Nice Hybrid Marijuana Strain
18% THC 1% CBD

Mr. Nice is named after one of the most prominent cannabis smugglers of the 1970s. Mr. Nice is an Indica marijuana strain descended from G-13 and Hash Plant. Mr. Nice is a great choice for stress, leaving you relaxed and ready to sleep.

Lack Of Appetite

Mr. Nice is named after one of the most prominent cannabis smugglers of the 1970s. A cross between G-13 and Hash Plant, there’s no better herb to pay respects to the late marijuana activist and author. The fabled parent strains of Mr. Nice make for a powerful Indica that will ease you soundly into a relaxing body high with a sweet aroma. The calming effects of this strain make it the ideal choice as a night time strain.

Mr. Nice Experience

This is a strain with a story.  It’s named after Howard Marks, a Welsh cannabis smuggler active in the 1970s and 1980s. At his height, Marks smuggled shipments as high as 30 tons of marijuana and hashish. He was finally caught and extradited to the United States where he underwent trial. He was imprisoned for 7 years.

After release, he published his best-selling autobiography, Mr. Nice. He continued to be outspoken about cannabis and became one of the most well-known activists around. To pay respects to Marks, breeders at Sensi Seeds decided to name a strain in his honor. Mr. Nice the strain was born.

This strain was cut from G-13, which has a mysterious story of its own. The herb is thought to be an escapee from a government cannabis breeding operation. So, as a G-13 offspring, this strain is very fitting to Mark’s situation. With strong Indica heritage, you can count on this strain to make you drowsy. You’re probably better off saving this strain for the evening.

Traits of Mr. Nice and Mr. Nice Seeds

Mr. Nice is instantly recognizable for a flavorful and inviting scent that will fill the room. This strain has a fruity aroma which is described as walking through an orchard. The taste of this strain is also fruity and sweet with earthy undertones.

To develop some seeds that showcase the best G-13 characteristics, Sensi Seeds crossed the legendary strain with Hash Plant resulting in this strain’s beautifully dense buds. Like G-13, Hash Plant is another powerful Indica with strong sedative effects that make Mr. Nice a pleasant night time strain.


Medical Benefits of Mr. Nice

This strain’s effects are mostly physical, making it great for muscle tension and pain. It also has the tendency to make you a bit hungry, so those who suffer from a lack of appetite may enjoy this strain. It is fairly potent, with THC levels running between 16 and 20% on average.

  • The Indica-dominant genes of this strain make for a relaxing high that is perfect for those who have difficulty sleeping
  • It’s potent physical effects and high THC levels are an effective appetite stimulant and pain reliever