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City Guides | 06.03.2022

New York Will Ban Certain Features In Cannabis Packaging & Advertisements

In other words, product packaging in New York will be dull.

The New York streets are a little greener nowadays. 

Since the state legalized recreational adult-use cannabis, even rappers like 2 Chainz are surprised by the lack of attention from cops

While using weed and related products is legal throughout the state, cannabis sales at dispensaries haven’t launched just yet. 


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All product packaging in New York state will ban the following; 

  • Cartoon characters
  • Celebrities
  • People who look younger than 21
  • References to candy
  • Bright, bold neon colors
  • Bubble text
  • Labeling products as “safe” and “organic.”

New York’s regulations are trying to ward off minors from using weed products. But since when did those under the age of 21 care about safe and organic products? 

Funny enough, all of New York’s regulations have a 60-day public comment period starting June 15. They’re expected to be set in stone following the sixty days. 

In terms of what’s allowed on the packaging, the New York Cannabis Control Board permits the following; 

  • THC and CBD totals
  • Other labels that show products quantities
  • A specific symbol that presents THC is included in the product
  • More labeling that specifies that cannabis is for adults 21 and older
  • Other labels that show the product is from New York
  • Child-proof packaging


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Similar to banning certain things on product packaging, the state’s Cannabis Control Board proposes the following in advertisements; 

  • Banning cannabis slang and lingo: “stoner, “sticky bud,” “weed,” etc. 
  • Banning images of individuals smoking or vaping
  • Must include health warnings and risks of use on all products and ads
  • Cannot be anywhere less than 500 feet away from playgrounds, schools, childcare facilities, and libraries

The list of regulations on packaging and advertisements has yet to be finalized, which will start after the 60-day public comment period. Until then, New Yorkers will have to wait to purchase legal cannabis. 

The state’s Cannabis Control Board has not clarified when dispensaries will launch sales, but it should be sometime later this year.  

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