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3-Piece Or 4-Piece: What Grinder Is Best For You?

Here's how to find a grinder that's perfect for you. Created with Flower Mill.

There has been an endless debate over the best type of grinder, and let me tell you, it isn’t something that can be decided right off the bat.

When it comes down to grinders, the general rule is they are either made up of three pieces or four pieces; the latter is also called a catch grinder. 

Some may say less is more, and others prefer the most features on their devices and gadgets. Either way, we’re convinced the most important aspect is you have a quality grinder, like those made by Flower Mill.

Let’s dive into what makes and breaks 3-piece and 4-piece grinders. 

3-Piece Grinder

Photo by Jonathan Coward for Herb

Out of the conventional grinders, the smallest are perhaps those made up of three different pieces. These grinders have the top or lid, the center or grinding chamber full of holes, and the bottom or collection chamber.

These three pieces combine to make a double chamber grinder, separating the ground and unground material for ease and convenience.

The 3-piece grinder is perhaps the minimum you should get. Even if you’re used to those pesky 2-piece grinders, this option makes up with better consistency and ease of use, as you will get everything out neatly from the collection chamber and onto your paper.

The Premium Edition Flower Mill is a perfect 3-piece option for those looking to add a powerful, easy-to-use, light, and clean grinder into their arsenal.

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This stainless steel piece has a unique rotor design that progressively crumbles herb instead of breaking it by force, just so you get extra fluffy joint material. 

These 3-piece grinders are ideal for anyone that wants a more compact option and do not mind being unable to separate their kief from a ground flower.

Apart from this, there isn’t a single downside about scaling down to a 3-piece grinder.

4-Piece Grinder

Photo by Georgia Love for Herb

The four-piece grinder is just like the previously mentioned mill but has an additional chamber in the middle that contains a thin mesh screen that will filter out your ground herb from the flower’s pollen or kief.

These grinders excel at their primary function, just like the 3-piece grinder, but have the added bonus of keeping your kief separate in case you want to use it. 

Flower Mills’ Premium Edition Grinder with Catch may perhaps be one of the most stylish, durable, and well-made grinders on the market.

This is due to the precise engineering and design this piece has, you will never hear any metal-on-metal grinding, the results are consistent, and the mill is overall one of the best performing out there. 

If you are not necessarily looking for a piece that may catch pollen or kief, and keep it separate from the rest, you still would want to know that the additional chamber is amazing for keeping some filters and a folded rolling paper or two.

Bottom Line

Photo by Jonathan Coward for Herb

Like with everything else cannabis, the bottom line is very personal, but I can still give you my two cents.

In my opinion, a 4-piece grinder has the mild advantage due to the fact that you may use this additional chamber for so much more than just collecting kief. 

Even if this chamber is meant for collecting and storing your kief for later use, I like using it to my advantage.

I normally keep half a filter book, some folded rolling papers, and I have even thrown in a little extra that would make any psychedelic lover happy.

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