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Arizer Solo 2 Review: Pros, Cons & Best Features

A possible addition to the dry herb vape rotation, don’t go Solo without trying this out.

When it comes to portable vaporizers in the cannabis community, the waxes and oils usually take the reigns in the material of choice. However, many still enjoy flowers in our vapes, even if they cannot be from an at-home vaporizer. The big problem with dry herb vaporizers is finding one that heats your flower to the optimal temperature and produces enough vapor to get you baked

 It is also important to note that the amount of vapor isn’t as necessary if the quality of the vapor is top-notch, as the latter will get you much more elevated in the end. But still, portable dry herb vapes that deliver consistent, quality output are hard to come by.

In steps, the Arizer Solo 2 with a glimmer of hope for the dry herb vape community.

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Design & Features

Photo courtesy of Arizer

The custom settings on the Solo 2 enable the user to control the temperature digitally, along with the session length and display brightness. You can choose between Celsius or Fahrenheit when displaying the temperature. There is also an auto alert that you can choose to turn on that will warn you when the 

The all-glass vapor path and isolated airpath on the device enable a pure hit from the high-quality borosilicate glass. This also is responsible for the smooth hits and tasty flavor of the vapor.

While the vapor is rather tasty, especially after you find your ideal temperature, it is important to note that users often report that the clouds aren’t as big as those produced by rival vapes on the market.

How To Use

Solo 2

Photo courtesy of Arizer

Before you use your device, you’ll want to sterilize the chamber by pressing and holding the menu button and ‘up’ arrow to power on the device.

Keep your finger on the bottom until the countdown starts, and then the device will turn on. Use the arrow keys to set the temperature to its highest setting, which is 220℃. Do this for a couple of cycles before loading up your herb in the chamber. 

Once you’ve turned the device on, you’ll be in complete command thanks to the digital temperature control that supplies what you need for the perfect vapor.

As mentioned, you can have complete control by charging the temperature in 1-degree increments, allowing you to be in constant laboratory mode as you experiment to find the perfect temperature for your herb.

Battery Life

The Solo 2 is known for heating up very quickly, making sure to reach the desired temperature fast enough for a quick session during a busy day on the go.

Even those using the device at home can appreciate the quick start-up time, as it creates more time for other ventures. 

The battery life on the Solo 2 is about 3 hours per charge, making this a great accessory that will last a road trip with plenty of sessions.

The average number of sessions per charge seems to sit around 20, which is a great number as portable devices go.


We have highlighted how long the device lasts once charged, which is impressive to say the least. This battery life is longer than your average portable vape, but another popular feature that has delighted many users is the fact that the Solo 2 utilizes fast DC charging that allows you to operate the device while it powers up. 

Maintenance & Cleaning

The folks at Arizer want you to spend more time up in the clouds and less time worrying about keeping the device clean, so they designed their product in a 2-piece system that allows you to remove the glass mouthpiece from the battery part of the Solo 2

The glass parts of the bowl should be cleaned with whatever material you usually clean your other glass pieces with (usually a soak in isopropyl alcohol will do just fine, and you can always add a scrubbing agent like table salt).

Arizer Solo 2 vs Air 2

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Think of the Air 2 in comparison to the Solo 2 as the Macbook Air compares to the regular Macbook. The Air 2 is sleeker and made to look much more like a true vaporizer pen than the Solo 2.

While it is still a bit wider than your average vape pen, the Air 2 is a convenient choice for getting your dry herb vaped. 

You’re getting the same high-quality glass from the Solo 2 but without the long usage time. In fact, the usage time is cut in half with the Air, decreasing down to 90 minutes.

The lightweight, durable Aluminum frame of the Air 2 might be the right choice if you’re searching for a portable dry herb vape that can easily fit in your purse or backpack pocket and not bring too much attention when sneaking a hit in public.


  • Excellent Battery Life
  • Top Quality Glass
  • Quick Charging
  • Digital Temperature Control
  • Tasty Vapor


  • Expensive
  • Bulky
  • Smaller Clouds

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