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Arizer Vaporizers Review: The Complete Breakdown

Cannabis connoisseurs, check out these unique products by vaporizer company Arizer. Clean, high-tech and fully customizable.

How do you judge a vaporizer company? By the quality of its products and commitment to technology, of course. Arizer is a vaporizer company that makes something for everyone.

With more than five top-of-the-line vape units to choose from, Arizer is truly changing the way people smoke for the better. And these devices are not just for cannabis – the company hopes that lovers of all types of botanical herbs can find a healthy new way to consume with these highly advanced vape products.

Arizer Extreme Q Review

The EQ is a full convection dry herb vape. This unit also functions as a whip vape instead of only balloon bags. It comes with two methods of inhalation: the silicon whip with a glass mouthpiece or a detachable balloon. The whip is great for sharing with friends, while the balloon piece is convenient for carrying your vapor around while you attend to other tasks.

The Arizer Extreme Q is a desktop vaporizer, measuring 6 inches in diameter at the bottom and 7.5 inches tall. It’s slightly more compact than the Volcano Vaporizer. You’ll be able to store it out of sight when it’s not in use. How easy the Extreme Q will be for you to use will depend on whether you use the remote control or the controls on the vaporizer itself. The remote control makes operating this model extremely easy and allows for foolproof results.

For the most part, the Arizer Extreme Q has an excellent reputation, even making it into our healthiest vapes list. Most reviews and owners of vape shops praise the vapor quality because the glass mouthpiece eliminates impurities that affect the taste.

Some people find that the enhanced features do not add enough to justify its price tag, but even these individuals give the model a good rating for vapor quality.

Arizer Solo Review

First, the vapor consistency is excellent. It is dense and very visible even at low heat settings. Second, the vapor is incredibly smooth. Even at high heat settings, you won’t find that the vapor is harsh at all. And third, the flavor produced by the unit is fantastic. At low heat settings, the Arizer Solo produces a huge flavor explosion of crisp and natural tasting flavor.

The Solo looks like any other handheld device. And since it’s relatively small, this unit is somewhat discreet. What’s also nice about it is that you can turn off the sound, so you can operate it without making noise. The only drawback in this category is the glass drawing stem since it sticks out of the unit.

This unit excels in manufacturing. The Solo vaporizer is one of the best-manufactured vaporizers. Arizer Solo is a small high-performance tabletop vaporizer durable for the road ahead and will survive any journey with its hardshell design.

Arizer Solo 2 Review

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Arizer has always been known for producing pure, smooth vapor, especially with their all-glass aroma tubes. The Solo 2 seems to produce an even better flavor than its predecessor. The airflow of the Solo 2 is less restricted. We believe that is why you enjoy a bountiful bouquet of flavor right off the bat with the Solo 2 compared to the Solo.

The device is nice and smooth. It feels incredibly comfortable in the hands. It’s also lighter than the original Solo, but it still has a bit of heft, giving it a solid feel that should stand up to abuse over the years. The heating chamber of the Solo 2 is the same diameter as the rest of Arizer’s portable units, so your old Solo tubes, air tubes, and water pipe adapters will all be compatible with the Solo 2.

The Solo 2 is still not the most discreet vaporizer available since the device’s size, along with the aroma tubes that stick out, will undoubtedly attract the eyes of people around you. That being said, if you are using it in public, you can dim the screen for more discretion.

Arizer ArGo Review

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Arizer vapes always boast smooth and tasty vapor, and the ArGo is no different. The first pull is thin and flavorful, while the next few draws come out thick and impressive clouds of vapor. The last few draws are clean-up hits, but they stay nice and cool. That’s largely owed to the hybrid heating Arizer loves to use in their portables along with the proper material choice in the air path; stainless steel, ceramic, or glass, no plastic here.

With the release of the Arizer ArGo, the Canadian brand has created a device that delivers Arizer’s signature vapor in a more conveniently pocketable option. The Air and Solo’s separate glass stems require you to carry extra pieces to attach them only when it’s time to vape. The ArGo’s stem safely fits entirely within the chassis when not in use. That, plus the smaller overall footprint, means it fits comfortably in any hand or pocket, which makes it one of the best vapes out there.

The ArGo relies heavily on conduction heat but also has some convection in the mix. The bowl’s temperature rises during a hit to increase vapor and stays at a lower baseline between hits. If you let it heat long enough without taking a draw, it can cook the bowl all the way through.

The ArGo’s hybrid heating is elegant and practical. The glass stem at the center of the system helps keep the herbs at a stable temperature while taking a hit and lets them cool down quickly between draws to stay fresh throughout your session.

Arizer Air 2 Review

The Air 2 vaporizer is a solid choice. It has full digital temperature control, a bunch of custom features, a removable battery, and glass stems for remarkable taste. Flavorful, cool vapor was a trademark of the original Air. A combination of glass, ceramic and stainless steel make up the vapor path, so there are no off-flavors or sections that won’t clean properly and could change the taste from lingering buildup.

This vape blends conduction and convection heating to create a clean, tasty, and efficient vaping experience. The glass stem heats up at the bottom, delivering heat through the oven consistently while warm Air moving through the materials reaches every nook and cranny inside. The more powerful heating element in the Arizer Air 2 loosens the bottleneck, allowing you to easily draw tasty clouds or take slow flavorful sips.

The Air 2 directly addresses the original Arizer Air’s shortcomings, improving the user experience. Exceptional vapor quality with easy-to-use digital controls and the ability to swap batteries make it a clear choice for many users. Having a replaceable battery ensures that you’ll never be stuck with an expensive paperweight. Rechargeable batteries have a limited life and can eventually die. So if you ever have an issue with your battery, it’s as easy as buying a new one. This isn’t true for vaporizers that have a non-replaceable battery.

Arizer V Tower Review

This unit has excellent vapor quality. You use the included whip to draw the vapor. We were able to extract excellent vapor with great consistency and pleasant flavor. Since the unit features a high-quality ceramic heating element and mainly glass components, the vapor is free from unwanted impurities.

The Arizer V Tower vaporizer is manufactured to very high-quality standards. The unit features low defect rates, a simple control panel, and a beautiful stainless steel casing. In addition, it has a new quick-heating ceramic heating element. The V Tower performs excellently on low and high heat settings and allows you to quickly and easily set your desired vaporizing temperature quickly and easily.

It has a highly accurate digital display that allows you to set your temperature to the nearest degree and multiple sensors that guarantee that the display is accurately reflecting the temperature.

Arizer units are extremely popular because they’re inexpensive and very effective vaporizers. The V Tower has slightly limited functionality compared to the Extreme Q since it doesn’t have a balloon. Still, if all you want is a whip-style vaporizer, it’s probably the best unit in its price category by far.

You can find better, but it will cost more. It has outstanding manufacturing and vapor quality at an affordable price point.

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