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The Best CBG Pre-Rolls On The Market

CBG is considered to be the “stem cell” of THC and CBD. Without CBG, there is not THC and CBD. So here's a list with the best CBG pre-rolls of the year, a list for those looking for alternatives and ready to try exciting new products.

Pre-rolls are a part of every stoner’s life in one way or another. Although not the best option when it comes to a positive cost-benefit relationship, they’re perhaps the way most of us started smoking weed.

Pre-rolls allow us to try different strains one after the other in a not too expensive manner. I know, that’s a kind of contradictory statement to the first one I was making, but here’s what I mean:

If you’re a frequent smoker and only smoke pre-rolls, then you’re bound to be stuck with a way higher bill than one for the same amount of weed in the form of flower buds.

But if your goal is to try a new strain that you’re just not sure of yet, then buying a single pre-roll will prove the best and most cost-efficient choice before you decide to buy 5 or 6 grams of a flower you’re not familiar with.

But this article is barely even about pre-rolls.

What we’ll really be discussing is the not-so-common CBG pre-roll, the brands that are doing it best, and later on, a bit more about what CBG actually is and how it compares to other cannabinoids.

The Top CBG Pre-Rolls Of 2022

Delta Extrax White Rhino Pre-Roll

Delta Extrax’s White Rhino Delta 8 THC Infused Hemp Flower pre-roll makes our world go round. Because the hemp flower is enriched with premium Delta 8 THC and CBG, this pre-roll offers a unique, euphoric experience like no other.

We adored the earthy and woody flavors of this pungent strain, a hybrid from White Widow and North American indica.

This White Rhino pre-roll quickly became one of our favorites simply due to the balanced and creative effects post-puff. 

Botany Farms Sour G Pre-Roll

Sour G Strain is a breed between the notoriously famous Sour Diesel Strain and its equally popular OG Strain counterpart.

A pre-roll is a great way to understand if this is the flavor and scent for you, but if you’re a fan of sour tones and diesel like aromas, then make no mistake; you’ll love this joint.

On the other hand, this pre-roll is packed with CBG goodness and a 0% THC content which ensures you won’t be getting ‘high’ no matter how much you try.

Botany Farms The White CBG Pre-Roll

A whopping 1G CBG pre-rolled joint that’s bound to feel more reminiscent to a blunt in terms of weight.

Boasting of an extremely high content of CBG ranging the 18.5% mark and a low THC content that reaches a maximum amount of 0.3%, this CBG pre-roll is the cream of the crop when it comes to CBG pre-rolls.

Packed with notes of freshly grated herbal spices, this Botany Farms work of art comes ready to light up and provide all the unwinding effects of CBG needed to reach an energizing state of calmness.

Plain Jain Eighth Pack CBG Pre-Rolled Joints

Photo Courtesy of Plain Jane

Potentially the most appealing on the list in terms of pricing point. Plain Jain offers a 7-pack of half-gram CBG heavy joints rolled in 100% hemp organic RAW wrapping paper. Each joint comes with 12-15% of CBG content and the traditional <0.3% THC for a non-psychoactive joint.

Every single joint is made from tightly wrapped CBG-rich hemp buds that give off a citrusy and hoppy aroma with hints of fresh pine and chamomile. Terpenes and CBG content work together to promote all the beneficial traits of CBG.

Secret Nature CBG Rich Pre-Roll

Photo Courtesy of Secrete Nature

A 2-pack artisan CBD-CBG blend from Secret Nature’s ‘grade-A’ flower that comes in weighing in at a net-weight of 1.5G. Each unit is a close to 0.75g joint of 100% freshly ground CBG rich hemp flower buds wrapped in organic hemp rolling paper.

Made with a Sativa-dominant flower, Secret Nature’s pre-rolls come with terpenes that emit aromas of almond, chamomile, cream and citrus in a perfectly tight joint that only needs a bit of fire to light.

H Hemp Suver Haze CBD + CBG Pre-Roll

Photo Courtesy of H Hemp

A mixture of CBD and CBG rich flower mixed into a single pre-roll that packs a full gram of freshly ground hemp flower buds. The idea behind this blend is to create an entourage effect, where CBG can enhance the benefits of CBD and the same thing happens the other way around.

Wrapped with organice RAW rolling paper and paired with a filter (for those that need filters as do I), this potent CBG + CBD blended joint is meant to promote a clear mind and a pain-free environment for your body.

ATLRx CBD/CBG Flower Pre-Roll

Photo Courtesy of ATLRx

Each pre-roll comes in a king-sized 1 Gram tightly wrapped joint of freshly ground premium flower. ATLRx offers an obvious benefit of being able to choose between 10+ different strains, all varying in CBD and CBG content.

Each joint is made from CBD hemp flower in it’s raw form and professionally wrapped in 100% organic RAW rolling papers, offering an option that requires no grinding and battling. Just light, puff, and relax.

What Is CBG?

Contrary to what we might have thought 10 years ago, not all cannabinoids are naturally occurring. This doesn’t mean they’re synthetic organisms, it just means that some the most known cannabis compounds like THC and CBD need a bit of a push to become what they are.

Other cannabinoids, like CBG, happen in the plant in a naturally organic fashion; these are called ‘phytocannabinoids’. In the case of CBG we are possibly talking about the most important phytocannabinoid of them all.

CBG is considered to be the “stem cell” of THC and CBD. After CBG goes through a natural enzymatic reaction within the plant cannabinoids like THC and CBD are created. In other words, there is no THC or CBD, without CBG.

Benefits Of CBG

Early research suggests that CBG may help combat the negative effects of diseases like colitis, neurodegeneration, cancer, glaucoma, and inflammation. It has also shown promise as an aid for muscle relaxation, tension relief, and may potentially carry antibacterial properties. Other studies suggest a use for CBG in inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and Huntington’s disease.

Regardless of the promise the cannabinoid shows in alternative medicine, CBG research is only just in its early stages. Robust research is lacking, and conclusive evidence is not yet available either. Most of the benefits and effects recorded of CBG on the body are anecdotal, empirical, and consumer-based. Which means that clinical and pre-clinical trials are just under development.

This is enough for me to explore with the substance. But the truth is that we don’t know what we’re getting ourselves into until clinical research is a few years in.


CBG is a mostly safe cannabinoid to experiment with and side effects on the human body are not usually strong. We strongly recommend that you first consult with a licensed physician before taking any form of cannabis (including CBG), especially if you have a pre-existing health condition. But the chances are that CBG, like CBD, is a safe substance to try in moderation.

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