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The Best Weed Strains For Anxiety

Anxiety is a disease, or is it? Here's a strain list for the anxious.

Anxiety is a disease, or is it? Perhaps the classification as “condition” suits it better? That is the argument around anxiety. But whatever it is to you or your social circle, we can all agree that it’s definitely not a nice thing to feel.

But the label of disease becomes an important subject, as it is one of the primary arguments to make when prescribing something or anything for it. This is important because as we get closer and closer to full legalization it becomes more and more evident that someday doctors will be prescribing a form of cannabis for it.

Although at the moment cannabis barely fills the name of alternative medicine, it is what it’s considered by a large portion of health workers. But regardless of whether marijuana is an official or an alternative treatment, we can all agree, like we agreed anxiety is not a nice feeling, that cannabis has proven to be an efficient method to manage anxiety.

The issue then becomes what type and strains of cannabis are better suited to treat anxiety. Often, it’s not too easy to pick the right strain or type, especially if you’re new to the game. This is why we’ve put together a list with the best sativa and indica strains out there, and we’ve taken the time to do a quick breakdown of the difference between each type.

This is also why we need medical workers to be able to recommend and prescribe cannabis strains professionally, so we don’t choose a strain that might ultimately cause the patient more anxiety.

Both strains are valid options for anxiety treatment, however, the way they treat anxiety is different from one another. Want to learn more about cannabis and anxiety? Check out our selection of the best vapes for anxiety.

Herb's Recommended Strains For Anxiety

Bubba OG Kush

Bubba OG Kush is a pure Indica strain known for its extremely heavy tranquilizing effects. It’s the ideal afternoon smoke as it will get you in a chill and social mood. Sweet & peppery flavors with subtle notes of citrus come through on the exhale, delighting the palate as powerful relaxation takes over.

Take a few hits of this flower and feel your troubles melt away as you get into a happy and gracious mood, ideal for socializing with your friends after a long day.

Try this Delta 8 THC Bubba OG Kush flower from Delta Extrax and experience for yourself the amazing mellow vibes that Delta 8 delivers.

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Sour Space Candy

Feeling anxious? Try this Sour Space Candy craft flower by Botany Farms. Premium, top-shelf cannabis with soothing and calming effects. The best thing about it? You can order online and have it delivered at your door!

Indica vs. Sativa for Anxiety


Indicas are usually known to be better strains when it comes to anxiety. An anxious person is often panicky and fidgety, indicas tend to have a relaxing and powerful body high that will allow the user to calm down and be still.

As an anxious person myself, I tend to prefer indicas because it allows me to not worry at what’s going down around me. Indicas help me stop thinking and start to just enjoy the moment, even if that moment is just lying on my bed writing this article. Part of this could be explained because CBD is actually found mostly in indica type strains, whether they are hemp or marijuana plants is irrelevant in this case. CBD’s relaxing effects might be a reason why indica strains make such a great option as alternative anxiety and insomnia treatments.

Indicas can be a good aid for anxiety but for depression they might not be the only choice out there. Depression usually comes like a powerful and dark feeling that creeps up on you like a tiger in a tall prairie and when you least expect it, its already got a hold of your throat. It pulls you down and often throws you into bed, feeling like you never want to stand up again.

Indicas are amazing sources of relaxation, they also make you not want to stand up and leave your room at all, just like depression but without the negative feelings. The problem with it though, is that staying in bed and feeling lazy might not be the greatest alternative when what you need is exactly the opposite… and that’s where Sativas come in.


Contrary to indica types, sativa strains usually provide euphoric effects on the brain and body. A powerful feeling of happiness and depending on the strain, it could give you a boost of focus and concentration.

This euphoric effect on the body is reason enough to confirm sativa strains as a good alternative to help combat depression. Depression is often cause by the lack of serotonin in the body, sativas may provide you with just enough vitality to go out there and exercise which in turn helps your body release serotonin.

What’s the problem in this case? Funny enough, the same exact one. Without a body of doctors that can actually prescribe and recommend strains professionally, the chances of a person suffering depression and treating it with marijuana correctly are very slim.

Some people claim that the type of strain isn’t as important as the strain’s THC to CBD ratio. This has to do with CBD’s calming and physically noticeable effects and the fact that sativas tend to have lower trace amounts of CBD.

Because of their usual THC to CBD ratio, sativas could turn out to be a poor option to treat anxiety. The most common symptoms of anxiety are nervousness, a sense of impending danger, and increased heart rate and fidgeting. Because sativas tend to make the user feel euphoric and energized, it could turn out to be that that’s exactly the opposite of what you need if you have anxiety.

The Best Indica Strains for Anxiety

Indica strains come in many flavors, smells, and THC:CBD ratios. In most cases indica strains that make a good counter to anxiety will allow you to relax both physically and mentally. If physical relaxation is what you need then perhaps high CBD strains is what you’re needing. Some flower provides the option of only CBD, like botany farm’s indica CBD flower.


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This strain is one of the top dogs in the indica realm. Known for its sweet berry aroma, blueberry comes at you with a bit of a foggy thought process, which in turn makes it easier to get lost in the moment and forget about what’s troubling you. That sounds like a description of precisely what combating anxiety should look like.

Northern Kush

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A hybrid between the classic Northern Lights and OG Kush strains. The mixture between these two gems of cannabical history results in a potent bud that combines the best between both worlds. The feeling of straight up happiness from OG Kush and the physical relaxation and slight fogginess that comes with Northern Lights.

Granddaddy Purple

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First popularized by Snoop Dogg, Granddaddy Purple is a strong candidate to take the number one spot in the Indica strains’ list. GDP is a berry flavored, deliciously sweet indica strain that’s notorious sleepy, happy, and relaxing effects. 

The Best Sativa Strains for Anxiety

Sativa strains are known for providing primarily feelings of euphoria, happiness, and make you feel, all in all, giggly. Although euphoria is probably not great for anxiety, it is for another sign of anxiety; depression. Some sativa strains have the ability of making you forget and laugh, which can, however, be an escape from anxious feelings.

Jack Herer

“Long live the king!” was once screamed in some square somewhere sometime. The fact that I don’t know which event I’m talking about doesn’t change the reality that someone somewhere sometime will say the same about Jack Herer. The strain that carries his name is a mid-level THC strain with effects of blissfulness, clear-headedness, and creativeness. That’s a lot of ‘nesses’ for a single strain, and this one deserves every single one of them. 

Sour Tangie

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This originally Londoner strain gets its name from the particularly citrusy and stringent aroma it carries. Tangie provides a high that’s not overpowering, allowing you to keep a clear head and continue kicking asses at work. The clear-headedness is also accompanied by a euphoric almost happy feeling that does not get in the way of social encounters.

Amnesia Haze

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I’ll be completely honest with this one; not really my favorite strain. The reason for it is that, like its name anticipates, makes you forget things. I have a preference toward strains that help me live awesome moments that I can later remember with nostalgia. But that is precisely the reason why Amnesia Haze is a good option as a treatment for anxiety; if you can’t remember what you’re thinking then who cares about anxiety.

Edition X PCH Sunrise

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For the ones that are constantly fighting the anxiety demons on, Edition X’s PCH Sunrise is a great way to keep those feelings at bay.

This premium flower is grown with love underneath the warm California sun, and you can be sure that you’re getting the best of the best: grown in small batches, seasonal, artisanal, environmentally conscious, and 100% focused on quality, Edition X knows how to do what it does best.

This brand caters to those who have adopted cannabis into a part of their lifestyle and truly care about what they’re smoking (just like the founders), which is why craft cannabis is the name of the game.

The four founders, who all come from different backgrounds, found the same gap in the market: there weren’t really any brands that truly spoke to them and their needs.

For the anxious peeps who are into the whole artisanal, artistic, cultural, and fashionable thing, PCH Sunrise is the way to go.

The potent 32% THC Indica-dominant hybrid will have you enjoying the citrusy, sweet, and warm scent and flavor, all while calming those pesky nerves and bringing you into a more calm headspace so you can enjoy the day without worrying about anxiety.

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