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How To Make A Homemade Bong That Is Perfect In Every Way

No pipe? No papers? No problem. This is how to make a homemade bong that pulls perfectly every time. Every cannabis lover has encountered a moment where they have flower, but have no way to consume it. With this guide on how to make a bong, you will be prepared for whatever life throws at you.

Everyone has experienced it—you want to smoke weed, but don’t have papers, a bong, or pipe. Don’t fret. All you need is a handful of ordinary household items and a pinch of creativity.

Before we show you how to create your own bong out of household items, we must warn you: this is definitely not the healthiest way to consume cannabis. This bong, and likely a few of its individual components, will be made out of plastic. It’s never recommended to smoke out of plastic, as the heat from the smoke and the flame of the lighter may cause some of the plastic’s chemicals to leach into your system.

But if you still want to build your own, we highly recommend you spend the money and just order a high functioning, clean glass bong from VITAE Glass where you’ll be able to customize your piece completely.

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But if you absolutely refuse to do that, and insist on making a homemade bong, this is how it’s done.

What You'll Need To Make A Homemade Bong:

  1. A pen with a metal tip
  2. An empty water bottle
  3. A lighter
  4. Ground cannabis
  5. Gum

Photography by Kaya Blaze Kelley for Herb

How To Make A Bong:

Step 1: Before you do anything to your water bottle, construct what will become the shaft of your bong. To do this, you’re just going to make a pen pipe. If you want a full, in-depth explanation (with photos) for how this is done, read this. Otherwise, I’ll paraphrase. The pen you use should ideally be made entirely out of metal.

But if that’s not possible, at least make sure it has an unscrew-able metal top. Unscrew that top, and using a butter knife, pop out the little bottom piece. Remove the ink tube, and any other little parts (like the spring) so that only the pen’s shaft and the metal screw-on top are left. Turn the metal screw on top upside-down and shove the pointed end into the pen’s shaft so that it stays firmly in the shaft. Discard any other pieces of the pen.

Photography by Kaya Blaze Kelley for Herb

PRO ALTERNATIVE: Get yourself an Invincibowl. It’s an unbreakable metal bowl for bongs that provides the best smoke filtration without getting too hot. The Invicibowl will give your homemade bong the filtration and quality of a premium bong. Find it in 6 vibrant colors to match your style.

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Step 2: If your water bottle isn’t already empty, empty it and remove the cap. Next, you’re going to use a lighter to create a small hole in the bottom third of the water bottle. (Imagine two lines dividing the water bottle divided into three parts. The hole should be directly where the bottom line is). To do this properly, make sure you have the empty pen-pipe you just constructed on hand. Then, briefly hold the flame of your lighter against the water bottle’s bottom third.

Once you see a small hole open up in the bottle’s plastic, quickly shove the bottom of the pen-pipe through the hole. If you do this correctly, since the plastic was still hot, it should mold pretty tightly around the pen shaft. If the hole wasn’t big enough for the pen shaft to fit through, quickly hold the lighter against the plastic again, and try again. The bottom of the pen pipe should point downwards towards the bottom of the water bottle.

Photography by Kaya Blaze Kelley for Herb

Step 3: No matter how talented you are at lighting holes in water bottles, chances are your shaft is not air-tight in your water bottle. Therefore, you’re going to need to create a seal around its outside. The easiest way to do this is to chew up a piece of gum, then wrap it around the pen shaft right where it connects to the water bottle, creating a seal.

Photography by Kaya Blaze Kelley for Herb

Step 4: Fill up your water bottle, but just enough so that a portion of the pen shaft is under water. Do not fill up the water bottle enough that the water meets the part of the bottle where the pen penetrates the bottle or the gum will get wet and may fall off.

Photography by Kaya Blaze Kelley for Herb

Step 5: You should have a fully functioning water bottle bong! All you need to do is full up the metal pen tip with cannabis, and light it while inhaling through the top of the water bottle.

Photography by Kaya Blaze Kelley for Herb

While making your own bong can be an easy process, sometimes, you want it done for you and maybe a little room to customize your piece to form a more personal relationship with your go-to bong.

We applaud you for attempting to create your own bong, but in case it doesn’t work out as planned, look to Chill Steel Pipes, the makers of the world’s first double-wall vacuum insulated bong that was designed to keep your water cold and crisp for up to 12 hours.

Any bong lover will be floored by Chill Steel Pipes’ extensive product selection. Even better, the company has a designated section for its “Mix & Match Design Series” that lets you pair any bong neck with the base of your choice.

Photo courtesy of Chill / Instagram

You can also check out the Limited Edition Designer Series featuring nine of the most modern and sleek bongs you’ll ever lay your eyes on.

Not only are these bongs visually appealing and literally cold to the touch, but Chill Steel Pipes guarantees that all of its stainless steel devices with ceramic interiors give users the coolest and smoothest tokes, even on a scorching day in the sun.

These durable bongs with interchangeable neckpieces are the frontrunners of bong innovation, so it’s time to toss that plastic water bottle and introduce yourself to the last bong you will ever need.

For more information about Chill Steel Pipes, visit its website.

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If you start on your DIY bong project, you might want to create something that helps with the bong water. Nobody likes getting some of the nasty bong water with each toke, and with your home project, you might need a little extra help to work around that.

For this, we recommend the Kush Bush Bong Splash Guard. This utility gadget will work with any bong or device and even DIY projects that you want to do at home. You just need to insert this handy device into the water pipe or cylinder and let it rest and protect your sessions.

It works better if you rest it on top of your ice wedges, as its engineered design will help the airflow by stopping the splashing. Don’t worry about size either, as the Kush Bush is available in 4 different sizes to help with all kinds of devices or DIY bong projects.

You can also use this splash guard to hold ice so it doesn’t melt easily, making it great to keep your clouds of smoke cooler for longer. This will help with your homemade bong, as you might want to keep the ice away from the melting water, but it can also help some old bongs that might have a sentimental value but lack some splash guard.

You can check this innovative gadget to help your creations at home or revitalize any of your old bongs, here.

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