Why Bong And Pipe Screens Make For Smoother, Tastier Tokes
learn | 05.05.2022

Should you use a Screen for a Bowl?

You might want to think twice before turning down a screen the next time you buy a new piece.

Keep your weed inside the bowl and out of your throat or water.

When you think of accessories that would enhance your smoking experience, you rarely think of screens. Some users only see them as a few extra dollars they can save, others don’t even know what they are. But, you don’t know how much you need them until using them.

Screens are very useful to prevent burnt debris and other impurities from getting to the mouthpiece of your bong or pipe while smoking. Thus, they reduce harshness and irritation, making your sessions smoother and more pleasing, among other advantages.

Keep reading to learn more about them so you can decide whether they suit your needs.

Types of bong and pipe screens and what they do

Invinci Should you use a Screen for a Bowl?
Photo courtesy of Invincibowl

What screens do is very simple, they keep your weed in the bowl and out of the chamber or downstem. But, they are not all the same, so there are different types of screens so you can choose what is the best for you.

For instance, glass screens work perfectly as they fit any pipe or bong and do the job. Also, brands make them in beautiful colors and designs, so they catch your attention as soon as you see them. And, they are made of borosilicate glass, so they are resistant to fire and won’t break easily.

Another type is the mesh screens, they are the cheap option and work as well as glass screens, although, you must replace them more often. Still, mesh screens are made for your bong so they fit your bong or pipe perfectly.

Also, there are bowls with built-in screens like the Invincibowl, a 14 mm bong bowl with a proprietary mesh that has no rival on the market. You can extend and retract it from 3 inches to 6 inches, so it fits any bong. And, its mesh won’t clog or dislodge when discharging ashes. Just tap it and debris will be gone.

It is the only bowl or screen you will ever need. The Invincibowl not only keeps your weed in the bowl and out of the water, but it is simply unbreakable. It is made from aerospace-grade aluminum, and comes with a lifetime guarantee!

Check our article on The Best Bong Bowls & Downstems In 2022 to learn more about amazing devices to enhance your smoking experience.

The hidden perks of using pipe screens

If you are a seasoned user you have seen it, the water of your bong gets dark, and it looks and tastes disgusting. Sometimes it gets so dirty that you can use your bong and it is hell trying to clean the sticky debris from its walls.

Screens not only keep your smoke clean but your equipment as well and for longer. A good screen won’t let any debris get in the water so you can use it more carefreely. And, when it is time to clean it, it will be much easier. Besides, screens prevent the ashes from clogging when discharging them from the bowl.

As you see, investing those few extra dollars can do a lot for you. Are you planning to have a session soon? Don’t do it without a proper screen, you deserve better.

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