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How To Use Hemp Wick & Elevate Your Smoke Sessions

There are so many advantages to using a hemp wick over a butane lighter. This is why you should light your herb with herb. Created with Fat Buddha Glass.

If you are thinking of using hemp wick instead of a butane lighter, it’s time to take the plunge. There are so many advantages to using hemp wicks over a butane lighter – the most important being that you get to light your herb with more herb.

Doing it this way affects the taste of your bowl, too, and is a much healthier option than using a butane lighter.

Hemp wicks can be purchased just about anywhere that sells weed or smoking paraphernalia these days, and it is usually wrapped around a lighter to allow it to be lit easily.

Smokers that have chosen to spark their bowls using hemp wicks rarely go back to butane.

If you’re looking to take your smoking to the next level, check out this guide we made with the folks at Fat Buddha Glass, the internet’s best one-stop shop for everything weed, with everything you need to know about hemp wick.

Hemp Wick Is Healthier Than Butane

Photo by Connor Fyfe for Herb

In any circumstance, it is going to be better to have hemp in your body rather than putting butane into your body. In the case of smoking a bowl, what you are potentially inhaling from using lighter fluid is toxic gases that are released from combusting butane.

However, burning hemp wick does not release those poisonous fumes, and there is no possibility you can inhale them through your mouthpiece when lighting your bowl.

If you keep your hemp wick wrapped around your lighter, then there is no threat to the convenience of smoking, either. You will have the convenience of being able to quickly and accessibly light your hemp wick, and it will always be next to the flame.

Unlike Butane, Hemp Wick Won’t Combust At Ultra-High Temperatures

Photo by Connor Fyfe for Herb

The flame caused by the combustion of butane in your lighter is burning at an incredibly high temperature, which means that the smoke you inhale into your lungs is much hotter.

However, hemp wick does not combust at such a high temperature because it is not gas, meaning your buds aren’t burning so quickly.

That means that you get to enjoy smoother tokes that aren’t as hot as using your butane lighter.

You might even get more out of your weed because you can hit it more times with hemp wicks. Most smokers that use hemp wick also report that it tastes much better when their bowl is lit with hemp!

Hemp Wick Gives You Ultimate Bowl-Lighting Precision

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Using the hemp wick gives you much better precision for lighting your bowl than any butane lighter. Also, it enables you to corner the bowl if that’s your mantra for stoner etiquette.

It’s tough to do this with a butane lighter because it’s incredibly difficult to manage the flame.

Smokers are always looking for ways to make their smoking experience more enjoyable, and hemp wick is a definite way to do that. It is healthier and tastes better, and well it’s keeping the entire smoking event in the herbal family.

Also, using hemp wicks make your lighters last much longer, so you don’t have to go out buying them all the time. Hemp wick has a much longer lifespan!

Where To Buy Hemp Wick and Hemp String

Photo by Connor Fyfe for Herb

Now that you know why you should be using hemp wicks for smoking, you probably also want to know where to buy them. Fortunately, hemp wicks are available everywhere, including websites like Fat Buddha Glass, and at your local Walmart and craft store.

They come standard, and also thick, and in a variety of lengths, from 1 to 420 feet. But if you want to start off small and see how you like it, online shops offer hemp wicks in smaller sizes and even have lighters that come with it wrapped around and ready for action.

Best Hemp Wick

With all the brands out there, selecting the best hemp wicks can be a daunting task. But don’t stress.

They have been around for a long time now, and plenty of people have tried them out, including your fellow Herbivore. To point you in the right direction, here is a compilation of the best hemp wick for smoking.

RAW Hemp Wick

If not any other brand of hemp wick, you can always trust RAW, the same brand with the best rolling papers on earth. Handmade in Europe, home to high-quality hemp, everything that goes into making RAW hemp wick is eco-friendly and locally sourced.

In fact, RAW hemp wick’s beeswax coating comes from the president of the Polish Association of Beekeepers, who once worked for the Queen of England as her primary beekeeper.

Not to mention, its packaging and card are printed on recycled and, or hemp paper, and are up for grabs in all sorts of sizes.

Bee Line

Bee Line offers the best smoking experience, the best taste, and the perfect flame all in one roll. A lot of it too.

Bee Line’s 100% organic hemp wick, made of seven strands of hemp with a 100% organic beeswax coat, comes in rolls of 200 ft, which will last through thousands of smoke sessions while still leaving plenty left over for other uses.

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