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How To Make A Carrot Pipe (Sorry, Doesn’t Count Towards Your 5-A-Day)

Could the humble carrot pipe be the best smokable vegetable?

Jul 20, 2016 - Lukas W

Sometimes we all need something simple to smoke out of. And what better vegetable to use than one that already has the perfect shape for carving a pipe. The carrot-pipe is one of the easiest to create simply because of its shape and texture. Check out the video from and get ready to carve up a carrot pipe if you are in need of a last-minute smoking device!

Simply organic carrots are best

I’d recommend buying bunch-carrots as it will include an aesthetically pleasing stem for your pipe as shown in the video. When selecting your bunch, try to look out for carrots that are unusually long and straight. This should keep the carving to a minimum and the longer the carrot, the cooler and more flavourful your smoke will be.

You’ll also want a decent thickness, as the bowl size will be determined by how thick the carrot is on the stem-end.

Will you be trying to carve your own carrot pipe in the future? What is your favourite produce to use for making cannabis pipes? Join the discussion on social media or in the comments below!

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