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Puffco Peak vs Peak Pro: Is It Worth The Upgrade?

The improvements to the Puffco Peak have been getting a lot of attention from those on top of the electric dab rig game. Let’s take a closer look at the newest Puffco piece.

Electric dab rigs are eliminating the often off-putting blow torch from the dabbing experience, and stoners are absolutely here for it.

While there’s a good amount of variety on the market, the Puffco Peak has emerged as a fan favorite for on-the-go electric rippers. 

We’ve taken a look at the Puffco Peak and highlighted its popular features that have taken the cannabis community by storm, but is the Pro version that much better?

Is it worth the upgrade if you already have the Puffco Peak? If you’re new to the Puffco game and buying your first device, which is the more efficient bang for your buck product?

Let’s dive in. 

The Puffco Peak

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This innovative rig hit the market a few years ago. This gadget, designed and made in Brooklyn NY, became an instant favorite for its eye-catching design and power unheard of in the dabbing world at the time.

The Peak offers unparalleled power and ease of use. It’s a must-have if you want to elevate your dabbing game and experience the full power of your concentrates.

The Puffco Peak Pro

The pro model is three years in the making and had a lot of expectations considering how much the original changed the dabbing game.

One improvement for the techies out there is the popular PuffCo App that pairs with your device and allows you to do cool stuff like change the light color coming off your device, change the device’s temperature, and change to stealth mode, all from the convenience of your smartphone. 

On top of the technological compatibility of the Pro, there have been a number of key improvements that have users raving about the newest descendant in the Puffco Peak line.

Size & Design

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The matte finish of the Pro is one of the most popular features that trump the visual appeal of the original. The shiny plastic of the original was replaced by the much more sleek-looking black base that leads to the mouthpiece that is much more narrow than its predecessor. 

Another feature that has been drastically improved is the atomizer. What was a three-part atomizer has been simplified to one solid piece that features a carb cap that is fixed to the top of the atomizer, allowing for a more secure chamber?


The larger atomizer of the Pro also prevents leakage that had been a problem on the original. On the older atomizer, there was also a common occurrence where the bottom of the atomizer would turn a dark black, and it would be impossible to amend. 

The overall jump in quality has been the best-case scenario for the company that already had a monster in the market. The new atomizers have been simplified in the cleaning process as well.

Since the atomizer is all in one piece on the Pro, breaking it during cleaning has been happening much less than with the original Peak.


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The jump in style from the original to the Pro has improved the smoking experience and given users a more convenient, enjoyable session. In addition to the black matte finish and sleek glass, the added mouthpiece is an addition that allows you to relax and smoke the device at an angle. 

One bonus feature that customers love is the free travel case that comes with your Puffco Peak Pro. The magnetic case has no need for zippers or straps, snapping closed with ease and holding all the dab tools you’ll need for maintenance on your device. 

Battery Life

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The battery on the original Puffco Peak was impressive, but there are new improvements to the battery’s power and usage. The Pro features a USB port that allows you to charge your electronic device like your phone, tablet, or vape pen. 

Vapor Quality

Just like the Peak that came before, the Pro does its lineage honor by keeping the vapor quality high and memorable for those hitting for the first time. With the ulta-controllable temperature settings that can be easily adjusted on your smartphone, the Pro gives an ideal vapor that allows the taste of your concentrates to come through. 

While some other electronic dab rigs might have more restrictive temperature control that often leaves your vapor tasting burnt and nasty, the Puffco Peak Pro provides the same top-tier vapor you are used to from the Puffco Peak, with added technological features that give the user more control and ultimately enhance their smoking experience.

Who Wins?

We have to say, the improvements to the Puffco Peak made in the Pro version has us convinced to make the jump to the big leagues, especially if you are buying your first Puffco product. 

If you are interested in purchasing your own electric dab rig, the convenience of the device will blow you away if you decide on the Peak products.

Considering the much-appreciated improvements that have been showcased in the Puffco Peak Pro, the increase in price will be rewarded with a much sleeker, stylish piece that delivers the same high-quality vapor and battery life that will be one of your most reliable rigs.

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