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10 Tricks To Get Away With Smoking Weed In Public

Of course, the number one way to avoid getting busted smoking weed in public is to just smoke at home. During Covid-19 pandemic and quarantine times it seems to be a need to do so, hence the need for a discreet smoking session.
10 Tricks To Get Away With Smoking Weed In Public

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Depending on where you live, sparking the ganja in public can be tricky. Not only do you have to find the perfect spot to toke, but you also have to figure out how to not get caught. It’s not just the police you have to worry about, either. You also have to keep an eye out for the nosey passerby. Of course, the number one way to avoid getting busted is to just smoke at home. But in case the time comes when you have no other choice, here are ten tricks to help you get away with smoking weed in public.

1. Use a Genius Pipe

Photo courtesy of Genius.

If you haven’t had the chance of using a Genius pipe, then it’s about time to met this magnificent cross-breed between functionality and design. A discreet and non-apparent cannabis pipe that looks more like the latest tech device for who-knows-what. Although the “tech” part of this statement isn’t that far from the truth; the Genius pipe is designed and built with high-tech features that allow for a swift and smooth pull on your flower that won’t make you feel like you’ve just inhaled burning ashes. Using an extremely light and fashionable cover, the Genius pipe conceals your flower completely, and once you’re done smoking helps you extinguish the fire quickly. Not only does this make for a fashionable and convenient on-the-go smoking session, it also helps keep the amount of smoke generated to a minimum.

Genius Pipe

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Made of the highest grade materials, and sold at an affordable price, this pipe by Genius is the perfect accessory to use when in need of a discrete smoking session.

2. Use a vaporizer

Rather than smoking your herb, vaporize it instead. While there’s still a pot smell present when vaporizing, it’s less noticeable. And since plenty of people out there use vaporizers to get their daily dose of nicotine, no one should question you for pulling one out. As long as you don’t puff on it right beside a cop, you should be okay.

3. Light up around cigarette smokers

Light up around cigarette smokers to smoke weed in public

Photo credit

Cigarette smoke is a lot stronger than weed smoke. Not to mention, cigarettes produce just as much smoke as joint. If you want to blend in, just light up around a bunch of cigarette smokers. More than likely, no one will be able to smell you, unless you’re smoking some pretty potent dank.

4. Spray your clothes afterward

Getting caught while smoking shouldn’t be your only concern. A ton of people has been busted simply for smelling like pot. For this reason, it’s best to keep some body spray on you at all times. That way, you can spritz yourself whenever you need to.

5. The cup trick

Use The cup trick to smoke weed in public

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Blunt smokers, this nifty little trick is for you. While this method won’t disguise the smell of your bud, it will help you discreetly get high. All you have to do is slide the blunt into the bottom of the straw, apply the lid, and “sip.” Genius, right?

6. Urban Wraps

The downside to using Urban Wraps is that people around you will still be able to smell your weed. However, they are designed to look just like a cigarette, making them perfect for burning in designated smoking areas.

7. The one-hitter

Another device that’s made to resemble a cigarette is the one-hitter. Not only is it ideal for when you need a quick hit, but it also doesn’t draw a lot of attention.

8. Leave your stash behind

Instead of carrying a bunch of pot on you, bring along a pre-roll. Once you’re done smoking it, the evidence is gone, and no one can bust you. But again, the smell can so don’t forget to cover it up.

9. Never smoke in the car

Unless you’re dying for some THC and have absolutely no other options, don’t spark up in the car. The car is the number one spot to get caught by the cops.

10. Don’t be so obvious

Throwing up your hood, hiding behind your shades, and constantly looking over your shoulder will only make you look guilty. Just act and look natural the best you can.

August 13, 2019 — Last Updated August 12, 2020
Written by Brittney Sanger

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August 13, 2019 — Last Updated August 12, 2020
Written by Brittney Sanger

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