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Yocan Flame Review: A Vaporizer Meets A Nectar Collector

Let's take a detailed look into Yocan's newest and most innovative vape yet.
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Photo by Kaya Blaze Kelley for Herb

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Yocan is known for producing well-built and reliable vaporizers, take a look at their product line and add one of these bad boys to your collection.

The Yocan Flame is a dual-purpose vaporizer that allows users to consume concentrates with either a blow torch or a 510 threaded battery.

This vaporizer has a glass attachment that takes the user experience to another level by cleaning and cooling vapor for fantastic quality and flavor.

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The Yocan Flame has a unique design that makes it look like a candle, especially when the water bubbler is on and working its magic. Based on its design alone, the Flame will spark some conversation and be a fantastic collection piece, but what we’re after are its functionality and features. 

Although it is a portable dual-use vaporizer, this is a piece you will need to take care of, primarily due to its glass attachments.

This vaporizer might not be intended for convenient packing and taking along for a trip; breakage will concern the user. Regardless of that, this piece will last and excel at what it does with some caution and care.


This piece is a multi-functional nectar collector vaporizer that has a solid yet delicate look and feel. The lower casing is made with durable metal that has a beautiful semi-matte finish. Apart from the glass attachments, everything else is made with metal and features inlaid magnets that make pieces snap in place. 

This vaporizer has interchangeable coils. Choose wisely because there will be a difference. However, both coils provide fantastic vapor and flavor quality. The pack will include both QDC and XTAL coils, each will produce consistent and outstanding vapor, but you should look at which one you want to use depending on your smoking needs. 

The QDC coil is made with metal wire wrapped around two small quartz rods, and this will heat up faster and produce a harsh, intense vapor. In contrast, the XTAL coil is ceramic and bowl-shaped and will heat up slower, providing a purer flavor but a less dense vapor. 

There is an airflow control system between the battery and coil, allowing the user to adjust the amount of air coming in, thus changing the vapor density. The system is an easy-to-operate twist valve that will allow airflow for the desired amount and flavor of vapor you want to produce.

The Flame has a 1400 mAh battery capacity that the USB-C port can charge. The battery has a speedy charge time due to the USB-C port’s superiority over conventionally used micro-USB. This vaporizer has enough battery power to last your sessions and the ability to charge fast enough to continue delivering stable power.

What's Inside The Box

  • 1 x Titanium Bar
  • 1 x QDC Coil
  • 1 x Glass Jar
  • 1 x Dab Tool
  • 1 x USB-C Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

Optional Accessories

  • Yocan Flame Quartz Dual Coil (5 Pack)
  • Yocan Flame XTAL Coil (5 Pack)
  • Yocan Flame Glass Attachment


The Yocan Flame is a unique vaporizer and probably one of few available on the market that will feature a dual-purpose nectar collector and wax vaporizer with a water bubbler. Remember, you will need a dab torch to use this as a nectar collector

This device is relatively easy to use, and as it only has one temperature setting, it is very straightforward to use. This is a pretty basic feature that will make it a breeze to use for beginners, yet, the more experienced users will be left unable to control temperature.

The dual coil option is impressive because you can tailor your user experience to what you prefer. However, with just two options, there are just two opposites to choose from. Fortunately, both coils will deliver consistent results and good quality and flavor vapor for the user. 

One of the best features of this vaporizer, which will make it stand above some competitors, is the water bubbler. This is not an ordinary feat to have on a portable vaporizer, but it does limit the portability and durability of the device.

However, you’ll be thankful you have a water bubbler, especially for when you’re using the nectar collector form, as you will need the water mellowing effects due to the harsher vapor that comes from high-temperature dabbing.

What’s What?

At the Yocan Flame’s price point near $70 and due to the number of features they packed in there, you’ll be getting quite an impressive and helpful vaporizer. I consider the vaporizer a portable option, but not one for travel or heavy conditions due to the glass attachments and their fragility. This is more for home or on-the-go vaping, where you won’t risk breaking the attachment in a bag or piece of luggage. 

The nectar collection, or titanium concentrate straw, is a feature that will come in handy but will be more troublesome to operate. Plus, you’ll need a torch and eventually some maintenance and cleaning, making the vaporizing function the most sought after and the one I’m genuinely interested in.

I like this device’s design, and with a fantastic array of features and tech, it is a great beginner’s option at a reasonable price. If you’re looking for a more experienced device, be ready to look for precise temperature control and maybe a better airflow valve.

For increased portability, maybe lose the glass attachments, but this vaporizer is an excellent addition to any smoker’s collection aside from these two points.

November 10, 2021
Written by Seb Jaramillo
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November 10, 2021
Written by Seb Jaramillo
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