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Herb Plus | 02.10.2023

Google And Local SEO For Dispensaries

If you want to boost the local positioning of a cannabis dispensary in search engines, you must count on this ally: Local SEO.

Having cannabis-focused digital marketing strategies is critical for any dispensary that wants to get noticed.

Local SEO strategies and Google management are beneficial not only for local dispensaries with physical stores where customers can shop in person but also to benefit the growth of online dispensaries and increase their level of awareness among different users.

Search engine algorithms are constantly changing, so to stay ahead of the curve, you need to keep up with the latest changes and make sure your website is optimized for SEO, which includes local SEO.

What Is Local SEO?

Local Search Engine Optimization is a method of getting a website or page to rank high in local search engines.

These search engines give local information and results, which allows users to know which physical sites meet the search requirements.

As in everything related to Google, if you appear in the first positions, you are more likely to get better results.

Have you ever searched for a restaurant or hotel on Google in a certain area? You probably have. The sites that appear at the top of Google are the result of well-done Local SEO. And this also applies to cannabis dispensaries.

Local SEO For Cannabis Dispensaries

Google shows the first local results, which is known as a local pack. Local packs show three sites with their rating, address, phone number, hours, links to each website, and link to driving directions.

Using local SEO for a local cannabis dispensary can be very helpful in many ways. The main one is that your website will be able to get high rankings in local search results for queries that are relevant to your business. This means being able to appear among the top results and get the attention of potential clients.

Getting your cannabis business to appear at the top of local dispensary searches could make all the difference.

Human attention span today is in milliseconds, and we often stick with the first thing we see. If you are in those first results, you will certainly have a better chance of creating a positive impact on potential customers who are looking for what you are already offering.

How To Take Advantage Of Local SEO

Local SEO consists of using specific keywords to reach a local audience, that is, a specific location on a map. Appearing on this map has its trick, and it is related to different points:

  • Geographic signals

  • Attention to the public

  • Citations: also known as virtual directories or review sites, that list your cannabis dispensary with the same name, address, and phone number

  • Proximity to the center of the city where the cannabis business is located

  • Domain authority of your website

It is very important that your dispensary’s info is consistent on as many pages as possible, as Google uses the consistency of your dispensary’s data across dozens of websites as a sign of trust that you are who you say you are.

How It Applies To Dispensaries

Google maps and local SEO go hand in hand to make your dispensary stand out in search engines.

Google optimization and Local SEO apply to any business that has a physical presence and even enhances its digital presence. And dispensaries are no strangers to this. That is why it is essential that if you have a dispensary you know how to fully exploit the benefits that these digital marketing tools have to offer.

In general, marketing has many tools that can be extrapolated to cannabis businesses, and this is the case with Local SEO. When used well, it can present many benefits for dispensaries, such as making themselves known and appearing among the first options of results that match the search performed.

As a plus, local SEO is not so popular nowadays, so it is a relatively favorable tool in which appearing in the first results is easier and more favorable since you will not have to spend a lot of money to work on the ranking factors and get ahead of the well-established companies in this field.

Tips For Google & Local SEO

To optimize local SEO it is critical to have an updated Google My Business profile for your dispensary location. Google My Business is a free tool for owners to manage the location and details of their cannabis dispensaries on Google maps.

To maintain a Google My Business profile in optimal condition for your dispensary, here are some helpful tips:

  • Confirm that your business name, address, phone number, and website URL are correct.

  • Use the same address format at all times.

  • Include opening hours and special hours.

  • Choose the appropriate business category – medicinal, recreational, or both.

  • Write an optimized description.

When talking about Google Maps, it is not only essential to note the specific location where your dispensary is located but also to include the names of nearby towns, or cities your dispensary serves or a geographic radius – in kilometers or miles – from your physical location.

The description of your cannabis dispensary is also critical. Consider it the calling card of your dispensary and your products. Make it attractive, eye-catching, and captivating, the idea is that from the description, people will want to know more about your business.

Remember that for Google, it is very important that the information is consistent and homogeneous throughout the width and length of the sites on the web. Make sure that all your information is always updated on all the pages where data about your dispensary appears.

Getting comments and reviews on the Google platform also helps search engines rank you correctly, as well as gives more confidence to future buyers interested in your dispensary.

Keep in mind that Google ranks websites better in search results if they are relevant to the searcher’s location. Therefore, if your dispensary has multiple locations, make sure the landing page focuses on the keywords for each area.

In conclusion, used correctly and strategically, Google and Local SEO can play a significant role in your dispensary’s marketing strategy.

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