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Herb Plus | 01.30.2023

How To Build Customer Loyalty In The Cannabis Industry

In our niche industry, building organic customer loyalty will take your brand from 0 to 100.

How do you know if you’ll love a cannabis product? You have to try it. The same goes for cannabis brands. The only way to build organic customer loyalty in the cannabis industry is by providing unique experiences that customers not only enjoy but recommend to others. 

Everything from your marketingadvertising, packaging, and product should bring something authentic and original to the table. It shouldn’t only be unique and excellent, but it should reflect what your brand is about. 

The best way to ensure your brand is in it for the long haul is to have loyal customers making repeat purchases and encouraging others to try what you offer. Learn more about building customer loyalty in the cannabis industry below. 

What Is Customer Loyalty?

Customer loyalty consists of implementing marketing and sales strategies, with the objective that customers continue to trust your brand after acquiring a product or service. 

Simply put, customer loyalty begins with a consumer’s experience with your brand’s products and services. If they enjoyed your offerings and noticed that you brought something unique to the cannabis community, it will make them more inclined to choose you for their next purchase. 

They’re happy to return and make repeat purchases when you prove to be better than the competition by ensuring your products live up to what’s noted in your marketing. This helps build an emotional relationship between brands and consumers. 

When a consumer needs to re-up their stash, you’ll be the first brand they have in mind. Learn more about how to obtain customer loyalty in the cannabis industry below.

How To Obtain Customer Loyalty In The Cannabis Industry

There are various ways your brand can build customer loyalty in the cannabis industry, even before they try your products. See below for tips on how to build customer loyalty organically. 

Be Better Than The Competition: While surpassing your competitor is the best way to obtain customer loyalty, it can be challenging. The easiest way to do it is to find a gap in the market and fill it. Provide something that your competition doesn’t, or do it better. 

Create Compelling Marketing Campaigns: Ensure your marketing campaigns don’t over-exaggerate what your products do, as this will be a huge let-down for consumers once they try your goods. Instead, focus on the most interesting factor of your product and promote it like no tomorrow. Be honest and truthful about what this product was designed to do and why it should be in their stash.

A Clear Mission: One of the most important aspects of building customer loyalty is ensuring your brand’s mission resonates with consumers. They want to know that your brand isn’t some robotic money-focussed company tapping into the profitable cannabis industry. Write a personable mission statement that will wow consumers and let them know you’re a team of connoisseurs, cultivators, and go-getters that strive to change cannabis consumption for the better. 

Bring Something New And Unique: The cannabis industry is packed with innovation, from dual-use vaporizers to functional accessories. If you notice a gap in the market, find a way to fill it. For example, you could produce a vape cartridge with hardware that promotes anti-clogging features or a rechargeable disposable to help consumers get every last drop of their distillate.  

Honesty & Transparency: In the eyes of a consumer, there’s nothing better than a brand that’s open about their sustainability, social equity efforts, clean cultivation, pure ingredients, and other beneficial practices. After all, cannabis is a community, so ensuring your brand benefits the community will do wonders. It gives consumers another excuse to purchase from you, a brand that gives back. 

Unmatched Experiences: Finally, the best way to build customer loyalty is by providing unmatched experiences. Let’s circle back to the vape cartridge example. There’s nothing worse than a cart that clogs and wastes precious distillate. It’s up to your brand to create a cartridge that satisfies the consumer’s needs and prompts them to recommend your product to their best buds. Put ample time and effort into creating, manufacturing, and producing your products so consumers (and you) can reap the rewards.

Benefits Of Customer Loyalty To Your Cannabis Brand

Building customer loyalty has a much lower cost than acquiring customers from scratch. It also improves the lifetime value of the customer, which increases the average value and frequency of each purchase and helps companies have a more stable income.

Knowing that your brand has a broad following of loyal customers will give you an edge over the competition. It lets you know your target audience and tailor your marketing campaigns to intrigue your desired consumers. 

When your brand has returning customers, you’ve basically hired an unpaid marketing team. That’s because repeat customers will almost always recommend your brand to other consumers, spreading the word about your offerings without paid marketing initiatives

Finally, customer loyalty proves that your brand is in it for the long haul. It shows consumers that you’ve built your brand to continuously satisfy the consumer’s wants and needs while having fun doing it. After all, we’re talking about weed, so make it enjoyable!

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