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5 Amazing Gadgets That Will Revolutionize How You Smoke Weed

Weed gadgets just get cooler and cooler in these “high times” we’re living in. Check out 5 of them here.

TYT University, a web show by The Young Turks, reports about all sorts of things from college news to scandals to odd facts. In their video, “5 Weed Gadgets That Will Revolutionize Pot Smoking!” they covered five neat pot-related inventions.

1. Bong in a cup

1 stealth bong Guy Busted With 26 Kilos Of Weed. His Excuse Was Priceless.
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The Stealth Bong by a company called Royght is meant to slide into a Starbuck Venti or McDonalds cup. On the video they claim it’s $19.95, but where do you buy this thing, man? When you search on the web you see a lot of press and nowhere to buy it! The host John Iadarola said in the video the company raised $140,000 dollars, but they need $80,000 more. Host Sandra Daugherty, who also goes by “Sex Nerd Sandra” on her blog, makes a comment about how it would be a great pipe to have in your car. No doubt.

2. Pot accessories for classy people

2 rodawg containers Guy Busted With 26 Kilos Of Weed. His Excuse Was Priceless.
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Rodawg, now called The Bureau, is a lifestyle brand of pot accessories for professionals meaning it’s for yuppies not hippies, dude! The company aims to give the impression of a “cigar aficionado” feel to its products. In the video John Iadarola says, “I can imagine James Bond-like shooting someone and then smoking up with one of those!”

3. Store pot like a boss

rodawg sliderglass Guy Busted With 26 Kilos Of Weed. His Excuse Was Priceless.
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Rodawg also has a pot storage container on offer that has the classiness of a “spirit” bottle that would look really nice on top of your oak bar in your penthouse suite, you yuppie scum.  At the time of this writing you can pre-order their stuff on their website.

4. A magnifying glass container

5 amazing gadgets ci 4 Guy Busted With 26 Kilos Of Weed. His Excuse Was Priceless.
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A company called Quark Distribution Inc. offers a container where the top is a magnifying glass, so you can check out all the close-up details of your favorite cannabis strain. They also make child proof bags for marijuana dispensaries and the company is advertised as specializing “in dressed up, but not priced up, cannabis storage and display solutions, from plant to patient.”

5. The Buckle Puffer

4 belt pipe Guy Busted With 26 Kilos Of Weed. His Excuse Was Priceless.
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“This is like what Batman would wear if he was getting high,” comments your favorite host, John Iadorola from TYT University. This contraption came from an entrepreneur in Cleveland, Ohio and it’s called the “Buckle Puffer.”  It’s a belt buckle that turns into a pipe! Check out their website for more info about it.

Watch the video

Sandra and John conclude this video by saying not just seventeen-year-olds smoke pot, but businessmen do too! The two hosts talk about how “the weed market” is wide open and further comment how weed products will create jobs, economic growth and stocks will “rise high!” This prediction made back in 2013 was not that far off, really. For example, have you read how marijuana sales made more than Doritos and Funyons in 2015?

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