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learn | 11.28.2019

8 Random Accessories For People Who Really Love Bongs

If ripping a milky bong just so happens to be your weapon of choice, then here are 8 weed products for people who really love bongs.

Not only do bongs come in several shapes and sizes, but they also offer massive, yet smooth hits.  Not to mention, it doesn’t take a genius to use one. All you do is load her up with your dankest bud and fire away. For these reasons, the bong has been the most beloved smoking instrument of all time. If it just so happens to be your weapon of choice, then here are eight weed products for people who really love bongs.

1. Res Caps

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Whether you’re traveling with your favorite piece or just want to make the cleaning process easier on yourself, Res Caps are the bomb dot com. In addition to eliminating the mess and speeding up the time it takes to clean your bong, they also mask the smell. Why spend all that time struggling to scrub your device when you can instead spend it doing what you do best?

2. ResGel

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If you want the best cleaner for your bong, then it gets no better than ResGel. Resin doesn’t stand a chance against this stuff. By pouring it into your device, attaching the Res Caps, and giving your piece a few shakes, your bong will look good as new in no time.

3. Crushed Opal Screen Slide

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Ditch that boring bowl piece that comes with your bong for one that adds a little pizzazz. For example, this 14mm Crushed Opal Disc Screen Slides by Ben Wilson Glass. It’s gorgeous; it’s unique, and it features a solid 8-point Disc Screen that will not only diffuse your smoke but also help your bud burn evenly for smoother hits.

4. Bong Buddy

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Bong Buddy is basically a lighter leash for your bong. Whenever you’re ready to spark up, your trusty lighter will always be within reach. You’ll never lose another lighter again thanks to this elastic attachment. And more importantly, thieves will have no choice but to get their own damn flame!

5. Snoop Dogg Pounds Rocketship Straight Ice Bong

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Ready, set, blast off! In case you’re in need of a bong that will send you straight to outer space, or at least get you super high, look no further than the Rocketship from Snoop Dogg’s Pounds line. The Rocketship isn’t just any bong, though. It’s an ice bong, which offers cool, rich, milky hits.

6. The Binger Clinger

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As you know, tipping over your bong is the absolute worst. Not only does dirty bong water get everywhere, but you also have to watch as your glass shatters into a million pieces. And who’s left to clean it all up? You, that’s who. But with the Binger Clinger, your bong will stay put. You can even kick it if you want and it still won’t tip over.

7. Stormtrooper bong sticker

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A Stormtrooper that’s wearing Vans and toking on a bong, what more could you possibly need? He’s only four bucks and would much rather be sticking to your bong than busting his butt for the Imperial Army.

8. Nickel Bags Drawstring Tube 18in

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The bigger the bong, the harder to carry. Or so they say, anyway. If you want a reliable bag that will protect even your largest piece and all its attachments, then this drawstring pouch is just what you need.

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