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Learn | 03.09.2023

Which Method Is Most Effective: Big Bong Rips Or Little Hits?

Bong users know the debate. So which is it? Big rips or little hits?

If you’re a regular bong user, you’ve likely taken part in this debate at one point or another. Although everyone has their own perspective and experiences with bongs, we’re putting an end to this discussion once and for all: what’s more effective? Big bong rips or little hits?

We all have that one friend who loads the bowl like no tomorrow. Chances are, they hunch over in a coughing fit while leaving behind a big bowl of ash. Although they may feel high, big bong rips might not be as effective as you think.

Let’s clear up any misconceptions. Read on to learn more about the most effective way to hit a bong.

Understanding The Bong

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Before we can pick a winner, it’s essential to understand a bong and its mechanisms. A bong is a fantastic way for people to enjoy marijuana because it filters the smoke and cools it down before inhalation.

In a bong, water acts as a filter, providing you with relatively smooth hits without inhaling impurities like tar, resin, and even butane from lighters. They usually have an elongated neck to further smoothen the smoke as it travels from the bowl to your lungs.

Many stoners choose bongs because of the following:

  • They’re reliable
  • They use the least amount of weed possible
  • They get you high fast
  • They’re easy to use, care for, and clean
  • They filter and cool smoke
  • They can look beautiful

Because bongs can use such a little amount of weed, hitting a bowl means you’re making the most of your flower by sucking up all the THC and cannabinoids inside that one little bowl. The result is an epic high, which varies from strain to strain. Regardless, bongs are usually seen as the most powerful way to get high. But which is most effective, big bong rips or little hits?

Understanding The Lungs

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You might think that holding the smoke in your lungs for a few seconds will get you higher, but that’s simply not the case.

Did you know that your lungs can only process so much THC at a time? Despite popular myths, no matter how long you hold the smoke in your lungs and no matter the size of your hit, your lungs can only transport a certain limit of THC to the bloodstream at a time.

While there are some ways to increase the body’s ability to absorb THC, your lungs can only do so much when you’re using a bong. With this in mind, you might already pick up what we’re puttin’ down.

Big Bong Rips Vs. Little Hits?

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For some, this is a pointless debate. So many cannabis users compete and show off by taking big bong hits. If you do this, though, you’re wasting not only money but precious bud.

Taking a big bong hit is bad for two reasons:

  • First, weed is being burned faster, meaning that it won’t last very long. Plus, you may not inhale the entire bowl, so it’s a waste of weed.
  • Second, your lungs can only process so much THC at a time. Chances are, you’re wasting some THC by overdoing it.

While small hits “aren’t as cool,” they serve their purpose on so many levels. Not only will your weed last longer, but you will make the most of your flower’s THC content. We all want our weed to last longer, right? Turns out, smaller hits not only help your weed last longer, but they can get you just as high as a big hit. And if you’re not as high as you’d like to be, take another!

Small Hits For The Win

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For two very practical reasons, taking a small hit from a bong is better than taking big bong rips. Small hits are more effective in two of the biggest areas; they’re more practical for your wallet and your lungs.

Now that you know which is a more effective way to smoke, grab a friend, put on a killer playlist, and spark up.

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