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Should You Be Using Hot Water To Get Better Bong Hits?

Seeking a way to improve your bong smoking experience? Move over ice cubes, hot water may be a better option. See for yourself.
Should You Be Using Hot Water To Get Better Bong Hits?

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Have you ever used warm or hot water in your bong? While most people reach for the ice automatically, there may be some value in turning to the tea kettle instead of the freezer. It may sound questionable, but don’t knock it until you try it. Here’s why you should be using hot water in your bong:

Should you be using hot water in your bong?

Should you be using hot water in your bong?

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There are benefits to using both hot and cold water in bongs and bubblers. In this case, hot means a temperature similar to your preferred cup of tea.Too much steam may scald the back of your throat.

Getting a bong nice and cold creates a thick cloud of smoke, filling your lungs to capacity and delivering a powerful high. However, bumble around internet forums for any length of time and you might find that many enthusiasts rave over the benefits of hot water bongs.

Unfortunately, there is no conclusive evidence that either method is better for your health. Though, there are several different theories as to why hot water bong hits are so amazing.

Using hot water to cool down flaming plant material may seem counterintuitive, but the water temperature is still lower than the flaming plant material in your bowl. This cools down the smoke gently while also providing a soothing steam to inhale. This steam can add moisture to an otherwise frigid and dry-feeling smoke.

Because smoking with hot water is smoother, many consumers seem to find that they take larger hits. The result is a stronger high thanks to decreased irritation.

However, too much steam or water that is too hot can be irritating. So, it’s important to use only what is most comfortable for you.

Hot water vs. cold water

While ice water bongs more effectively condense the smoke, they can also be harsher to smoke. An inhale from an ice water bong is as comfortable as breathing in a large breath of cold air can be, which some people may enjoy. Breathing in cold air can cause the warm tissue in the back of the throat to tighten and become temporarily irritated.

It’s possible that cold water may condense more of the resin inside of the bong. This is especially true if both the glass is cold and the water is cold. By lighting the plant material, the herb begins to combust and the psychoactive cannabis resin melts and creates a thick, sticky smoke.

When this resin flows through an ice-cold bong, some of that melted wax may harden due to the radical change in temperature. As a result, cold water bongs are thought to collect more resin inside of the glass. For those hoping to minimize resin in the lungs, this could be a good thing.

However, it also means that there is a chance that you inhale less of that psychoactive resin.

Using a gentle steam or hot water seems to avoid both of these problems. The warm steam is sort of like breathing in hot, humid air in a sauna or steam room. Resin is also cooled down significantly less in a hot water bong than a cold water bong, which may enable you to inhale more of the oily substance.

In general, here’s how hot water and cold water bong hits stack up:

Hot water:

  • Steam soothes throat
  • Smooth experience overall
  • Potentially more resin passes into the lungs (this can be either a pro or a con)

Cold water:

  • Quickly cools down hot smoke
  • Creates a thick, milky smoke
  • Harsh experience overall
  • Potentially catches more resin in the bong

Want to learn more about how to improve your bong smoking experience? Check out the article here.

August 12, 2019
Written by Anna Wilcox
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August 12, 2019
Written by Anna Wilcox

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