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This is the Best CBD Strain for Lupus

CBD is showing a lot of promise in the treatment of autoimmune conditions. But with all the strains on the market, where should a patient begin? Here’s our endorsement for the best CBD strain for lupus.

Harlequin is the best CBD strain for Lupus.

How to treat Lupus Discoidis with cannabis (Photo By BSIP/UIG Via Getty Images)

Patients with lupus are engaged in a battle with their own bodies. A difficult-to-treat autoimmune condition, the disease causes immune cells to wage war on otherwise healthy organs and tissues. Fatigue, hair loss, and a chronic state of malaise are all common symptoms.

As can be expected from an autoimmune disorder, the condition can wreak havoc on the body. Renegade immune cells cause a cascade of inflammation as they zero in on bodily tissues, leading to pain, scarring, and potentially life-threatening organ damage if the condition is not properly managed. While the disease can often affect the joints and skin, the condition becomes more dangerous when tissues of the heart, kidneys, lungs, brain and nervous system are affected.

The result of heightened immune activity also leads to a variety of related symptoms, including fever, rash, muscle ache, headaches, chest pain, and blue coloration of the fingertips. While there are many different types of lupus, each variety functions via the same basic principal: organ tissues are accidentally flagged with antibodies, which are typically used to mark harmful pathogens for destruction by immune cells.

While no clinical trials on cannabis for lupus have been conducted, early research shows that cannabis may lend a hand in easing some symptoms of this condition. Biopharmaceutical companies are looking to develop cannabis-based treatments for autoimmune diseases, but, for now, it’s still up to consumers to find the right strain. We’re here to help you.

What is the best CBD strain for lupus?

This is the Best CBD Strain for Lupus and Heres Why This is the Best CBD Strain for Lupus
Harlequin is the best CBD strain for Lupus.

Early laboratory experiments have found that CBD, a non-intoxicating compound in the cannabis plant, indirectly engages immune cells, potentially reducing the body’s inflammatory response by preventing the release of pro-inflammatory chemicals from affected cells. For this reason, CBD is considered a promising alternative to over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs.

As any cannabis enthusiast knows, however, there’s an overwhelming amount of strains on the market right now. So what’s the best CBD strain for lupus? Every consumer is different, but, after a careful analysis, Herb suggests starting with Harlequin, a CBD-dominant flower that is known for its calming nature and peppery taste.

Harlequin is a unique CBD strain. The flower has a reputation for producing a five-to-two ratio of CBD to THC, allowing consumers to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of both active cannabis compounds.

While early science suggests that CBD is a strong anti-inflammatory, cannabis researchers expect that the combination of both CBD and THC together eases pain from inflammation more effectively than either compound by itself. That means a product or flower with both compounds could work better for lupus than something with just CBD, like a CBD-only oil or edible. Harlequin qualifies.

Harlequin’s unique cannabinoid profile, however, is not the only thing that sets it apart. A small number of laboratory samples indicate that this strain also contains decent concentrations of a particular aroma molecule called beta-caryophyllene (BCP).

BCP is a pepper-like fragrance molecule known as a terpene. While human clinical trials are lacking, early rodent research has found that this particular terpene modulates the immune system, calming hyperactive immune cells and reducing inflammation.

So, what makes Harlequin the best CBD strain for lupus? There are no clinical trials or substantial tests of cannabis medicines for autoimmune diseases. However, this particular strain contains at least two natural anti-inflammatory agents. Coupled with a touch of potentially immunosuppressant THC, the punchy flower is shaping up to be a worthwhile candidate for those hoping to ease pain and inflammation with cannabis. Of course, before you partake, it is always recommended to consult your care team.

August 28, 2018 — Last Updated November 26, 2019
Written by Anna Wilcox

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August 28, 2018 — Last Updated November 26, 2019
Written by Anna Wilcox

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