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The Top 10 Best Marijuana Fertilizers on the Market

Get bigger, better, and tastier buds with the best weed fertilizers on the market.

A person’s diet plays a huge role in how healthy they will be throughout their lifetime. The same applies to your beloved cannabis. In order to grow the healthiest plants with bigger, more flavorful buds, they need the proper nutrients.

If you don’t know anything about cultivating cannabis, then attempting to get your babies on a good nutritious diet so that they grow up to be big and strong is a mind-boggling mission.

You will discover along the way that an overspill of nutrients can be a bad thing and that different stages of your grow have specific nutritional needs. Oh, and that chemical reactions can occur when nutrients aren’t mixed right — no big deal.

The Best Weed Fertilizers

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Finding the perfect fertilizer for cannabis comes with a lot of overthinking for sure. How could you not when there’s the risk of having the wrong blend of nutrients ruining your entire crop? But it doesn’t and shouldn’t have to be so stressful. With the right stuff, you’d be amazed how something that seems so complex could be so simple, and of course, rewarding.

When considering what type of fertilizer you’ll choose for your plants, you have primarily two choices: homemade or professional. Buying fertilizer made for cannabis or another professional fertilizer comes with fewer mistakes as they contain the required amount of nutrients for the herb to thrive. That also makes it easier on you.

You don’t have to worry about overmixing or undermixing, or causing any nasty chemical reactions. Whether you’re taking the hydroponics approach or sticking to good old-fashioned soil, we searched and selected a few of the best weed fertilizers for every grow. That way, you get the garden of fire you deserve:

Best Weed Soil Fertilizers

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If your precious pot plants are growing in soil, then you don’t need to feed them much more nutrients than they already have. The beauty of soil is that it comes pre-packed with the nourishment your plants need, including the three magical basics NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium). Inevitably, however, cannabis will require additional feed, which is where the fertilizer comes into play.

Most seasoned growers will always recommend organic fertilizer over anything. That’s because it’s more forgiving and nutritional. Making your own using a combination of fish meal, blood meal, wood ash, etc. would be cheaper than going with a retail product, but again, retail products, most of which are still organic, contain the ideal mix of nutrients. They eliminate not only the guesswork, but also most risks. Here are some of the best weed fertilizers for soil growing:

Fox Farm Trio Soil Formula

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This Fox Farm Trio boasts the perfect combo of nutrients for big blooms. They are especially ideal for first-time growers as they come with easy instructions and have you covered through all the growing stages, no additives necessary. Aside from providing a healthy diet for soil growing plants, these liquid fertilizers boost plant growth and repair deficiencies. A little of this stuff goes a long way, too. The only downside is not all three of the products are organic, just Big Bloom. Nevertheless, they are fully balanced, and plenty of established growers swear by them.



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Another weed fertilizer that produces excellent results is Dyna-Gro. This line of organic liquid fertilizers is not only cost-effective but also come with uncomplicated instructions, even for new growers. Best of all, they’re loaded with essential macro and micronutrients for optimal plant growth. All in all, these fertilizers contain 16 minerals, six macronutrients, and ten micronutrients to be exact. You can look forward to phenomenal blooms and fat, flavorful nugs when using Dyna-Gro with your soil grow.


Happy Frog Bulb Food

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For a dry fertilizer that will encourage your pot plants to produce high yields, Happy Frog Bulb Food is the stuff that will give your plants new life. It’s made with ingredients that buds love, like humic acid, bat guano, kelp meal, and bone meal, all of which maintain the perfect pH. Total, there are 20 beneficial microbes mixed in that help convert fertilizer into plant food and fight off disease. Moreover, they expand root development so that plants can feed at a more dynamic level.


General Organics Go Box

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A great (and affordable) starter pack for new soil growers is the General Organics Go Box. This all-inclusive kit has plenty of everything that plants need to shine at all stages, from organic nutrients to botanical extracts to all-natural minerals. More specifically, it contains 16 oz bottles of BioThrive Grow and Bloom fertilizers, along with 8 oz samples of all of their liquid supplements, including CaMg+, BioRoot, BioWeed, BioBud, BioMarine, and Diamond Black. Most of the liquid supplements are optional but are there to give your cannabis plants something extra, from fuller leaves with deeper green hues to a boost of nutrients to prevent deficiencies.


Best Hydroponic Weed Fertilizers

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Hydroponics is one of the most popular growing techniques today. For those new to the hydro way, plants grow with their roots planted in water rather than soil. This way, there are no loose soil bits to clog pumps or any other part of your hydroponic system. When going soilless, it is especially important to avoid overfeeding, which is easy to do with the wrong fertilizer. Otherwise, your plants will either get damaged or lose their life completely.

Shopping for hydro fertilizers is a breeze; much more straightforward than with soil fertilizers. That’s because most are designed for cannabis since that’s the method that the majority of growers, especially indoor cultivators, are using. With that being said, you can expect a balanced, healthy diet for your plants from the top-notch formulas.

However, there is a small downside, and it’s that you will have to end up buying most products separately, or together as a kit, as they divide up their nutrients to meet the specific needs of each growing stage, and avoid overfeeding all the while. Here are the best weed fertilizers for hydroponic growing:

Advanced Nutrients Big Bud

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Produce larger, denser buds bursting with terps, aromatics, and potency with the Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Liquid Fertilizer. The larger the harvest weight, the bigger the value. Though the Big Bud fertilizer is not a fix and only an additive for the flowering stage, customers guarantee exceptional results when it comes to big buds and tight nugs.

It’s advertised as sufficient for both soil and hydro growing. However, it seems to be a preferred nutrient supplement for hydro over soil, as the soil, in conjunction with this feed, typically results in overfeeding and plant death. Follow the instructions carefully, and your plants won’t get burned, only more beautiful and tasty.


Advanced Nutrients Overdrive

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Advanced Nutrients Overdrive is what every marijuana plant needs during the veg stage. It’s specially formulated to raise their metabolism and increase nutrient intake with the help of occurring hormones and vitamins. Not only that but to also make roots and stems super strong, enabling plants to thrive and therefore be more resistant to disease. Some customers even claim it has brought their dead plants back to life. This formula encourages cannabis plants to develop gorgeous colors too, a plus for any grower that cherishes the beauty of their favorite herb.


General Hydroponics Flora Series

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Nothing helps a cannabis plant to blossom and develop abundant yields in a hydroponic atmosphere like a product designed for that specific purpose, such as the General Hydroponics Flora Series. If your plants are struggling, then this kit has a solution for every growing stage. Supposedly, even NASA and Antarctic research scientists prefer Flora because of its reliability. In addition to providing primary, secondary, and micronutrients to enhance yields and crop quality, they improve flower flavor and aroma. Happy garden, happy grower.


Botanicare Kind Trio: Base, Bloom, and Grow

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Some of the best hydroponic growers use the Botanicare Kind Trio. When used together, you have all the bases covered for a successful harvest. What seasoned growers love about this trio is that Base is nitrogen and calcium based, while Grow and Bloom contain the majority of minerals your plants need, plus sea kelp. That allows cultivators to tweak their nitrogen and calcium levels however they like, which is why the line is best suited for the experts and not beginners.


Advanced Nutrients Kit: Bloom, Micro, and Grow

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If none of the other above hydro fertilizers satisfy your demands, then Advanced Nutrients has an all-in-one growing solution that just might. This trio, which includes Bloom, Micro, and Grow, offers excellent plant nutrient absorption and growth. The formulas contain carrier molecules to ensure plants get maximum nutrition and grow ever so sturdy and lush. They make maintaining the right nutrient ratios a piece of cake, and there’s practically no pH monitoring needed. That makes the set an attractive option for beginners in particular.


Fox Farm Trio Hydro Formula

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Fox Farm doesn’t just have a fertilizer trio for soil; they have a threesome for hydroponics too. The hydro formula kit consists of Big Bloom for healing root systems and increasing nutrient cycling throughout all cycles, Tiger Bloom for the first signs of flowering, and Grow Big Hydro for greener growth. Just like the soil formula, easy to read instructions are provided, along with the proper diet for cannabis plants to shoot up towards the stars and in return, give you something sweet to put in your pipe.


Best Weed Coco Fertilizers

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Growing cannabis in coco coir, aka coconut coir, is advantageous for marijuana and growers alike. It’s easy to learn to grow using coco coir, and coco coir is a rich source of oxygen and retains water like a champ. Moreover, it’s eco-friendly and reusable, and less vulnerable to pests and diseases. Keep in mind, however, that coco coir is prone to calcium and magnesium deficiencies, so supplying your plants with extra supplements may be necessary. Thankfully, the supplies are friendly for most budgets. Here are the best weed fertilizers for a coco grow:

Canna Coco A + B & Cal-Mag

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For keeping those magnesium and calcium levels up, all you need is the Canna Coco A NPK Formula plus the B formula, along with a bottle of Canna Cal-Mag. We recommend the Botanicare Cal-Mag Plus as it’s highly beneficial in both calcium and magnesium.

The Canna Coco A & B set is tailored for coco grows. The formulas are composed of high-value minerals, in addition to natural chelates and fulvic acids for optimal nutrient absorption. Customers claim that with this brand, they get lush green foliage and rock hard, dense nugs, aka that sticky icky. Just have a gander at the photos in the review section on Amazon and see the results for yourself.

Alternatively, you can use the Fox Farm Trio for hydroponics, which we just mentioned earlier. The kit works great at preventing calcium and magnesium deficiencies, and you don’t need to use a lot of it being that it’s strong. If you’re worried, then you can always pair some Cal-Mag with the bunch. Fox Farm provides a feeding schedule as well, so as long as you follow it correctly, then you should be good to grow.



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