10 High CBD Strains That Will Help Calm Your Anxiety

Sometimes THC can be a little aggravating to those suffering from anxiety. Fortunately, high CBD strains contains potent anxiolytic properties.
cbd strains anxiety

Searching for a relaxing cannabis experience without the high? Sometimes THC can be a little aggravating to those suffering from anxiety. Fortunately, strains high in cannabidiol (CBD) are famous for their potent anxiolytic properties. The best part? High-CBD strains do not produce that cloudy, mental haziness or paranoia associated with THC. Without further ado, here are 10 high-CBD strains for anxiety:

1. CBD Critical Cure

CBD Critical Cure strain for anxiety

CBD Critical Cure is an excellent cannabis strain. Bred by the famous Barney’s Farm Seeds, this strain is a cross between Critical Kush and a ruderalis strain. Considered indica-dominant, inhaling this flower is like taking a breath of calm ease.

Producing about a 2:1 ratio of CBD to THC, most CBD Critical Cure buds feature around 11 percent CBD and 5 percent THC.

The indica-dominance of this strain makes it slightly sedative, which may be beneficial to those struggling to calm down on a difficult day. Consumers might experience a very slight psychoactive effect with this strain.

2. Harlequin

Harlequin is an excellent CBD strain. Featuring an almost 5:2 ratio of CBD to THC, this sativa does not generally produce a psychoactive high. Instead, Harlequin provides an ever so slightly energized and focused experience along with an easy mood uplift and anxiolytic properties.

This unique flower has international heritage. A cross between Colombian, Thai, Swiss, and Nepalese landrace strains, Harlequin the THC in Harlequin rarely exceeds 6 percent. The CBD in this flower can reach as high as 15 percent.

3. Sour Tsunami

Sour Tsunami is considered a one-to-one strain. That means that this flower tends to produce an even ratio of THC and CBD. The CBD in this bud may be slightly higher than the THC, often testing about 11 percent. THC averages about 10.

A cross between Sour Diesel and New York Sour Diesel, this bud was one of the first high-CBD strains to become popular. Though some might experience some slight psychoactivity with this strain, Sour Tsunami provides a well-rounded and pleasant mood uplift.

4. Harle-tsu

As the name might suggest, Harle-tsu is a cross between the two equally famous high-CBD strains mentioned above, Harlequin and Sour Tsunami. This flower is considered a high-CBD/low-THC strain.

In fact, Harle-tsu often produces CBD levels that are almost 20 times higher than THC. Though, some phenotypes may produce more of a 1:1 ratio.

The result is a strain that produces no psychoactivity. Instead, this bud quietly eases anxiety and aids focus without really causing any noticeable change in cognitive function at all. Great for the day, this strain would be perfect for a vape break on a stressful day.

5. Stephen Hawking Kush

Since CBD strains are fairly new to the cannabis market, many of them are just mixes of each other. The gene pool for CBD strains is currently not as diverse as that of high-THC strains.

Stephen Hawking Kush is a cross between Harle-tsu and Sin City Kush. This strain is another one-to-one flower, often featuring about 5 percent CBD to 5 percent THC.

This flower is an excellent way to wind down without experiencing the paranoia or anxiety that is often associated with THC. Considered an indica, this bud has a relaxing quality to it, which may be beneficial to those who need to calm down during a panic.

6. Cannatonic

Cannatonic is a high CBD strain that features at least a 2:1 ratio of CBD to THC. A cross between two heavy indica strains, MK Ultra and G-13, this strain has a slight sedative quality.

Like most CBD strains, Cannatonic promotes focus and may even help improve mental functioning in times of stress.

Typically, this strain expresses up to 17 percent CBD and around 6 percent THC. The higher the CBD, the less noticeable the foggy effects of THC will be.


ACDC is a derivative of Cannatonic. The major difference is that this bud produces an almost 20 to 1 ratio of CBD to THC. This makes this strain more or less hemp. However, this flower can sometimes produce up to 6 percent THC. The CBD in this bud can reach a whopping 24 percent CBD.

Since CBD is a powerful anxiolytic, this strain may be particularly useful to those with more problematic anxiety disorders. ACDC does not produce a psychoactive high at all. Instead, it may provide feelings of alertness, focus, and serene mental clarity.

8. Canna-tsu

CBD strains for anxiety Canna-tsu

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Similar to Harle-tsu, Canna-tsu is a true hybrid cross between Cannatonic and Sour Tsunami. Unlike Harle-tsu, Canna-tsu is generally considered to be a one-to-one strain. The THC in this bud might even be slightly higher than the CBD, often containing about 8 and 7 percent of each respective cannabinoid.

Since THC may be slightly higher, consumers may notice a slight psychoactivity from this bud. However, it’s not quite right to say that Canna-tsu produces a “high”. Rather, this earthy flower provides a calm yet uplifting and alert sensation that’s perfect for just about any occasion.

9. CBD OG Kush

OG Kush is one of the most popular cannabis strains in history. The notoriously high THC strain now has a CBD match. CBD OG Kush is generally considered a one-to-one hybrid strain.

This bud is considered easy to grow and often features THC levels between 5 and 10 percent. The CBD this strain produces is about the same.

While Kushes are generally thought to cause some mental sedation, CBD OG Kush tends to have the opposite effect. In fact, some report that this strain can be quite alerting. Many CBD strains have similar effects, providing a mellow energy equivalent to sipping a calming cup of ginseng tea. CBD OG Kush is no different, making it excellent for the day.

10. CBD MediHaze

CBD MediHaze is considered a sativa-dominant hybrid. Like many CBD strains sold in medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries, CBD MediHaze features a fairly even ratio of THC to CBD. Both cannabinoids tend to run about 9 percent in this bud.

Inhaling a breath of CBD MediHaze is taking in a hit of sweet earth. A cross between Super Silver Haze and Neville’s Haze, this strain produces a bright and crisp attention that is excellent for nerve-wracking events like public speaking and perhaps even for those who experience social anxiety.

In case you don’t want to inhale, the anxiety-relieving properties of CBD oil are also available to people who prefer smoke-free consumption options. Green Roads CBD oil and CBD products, for example, are an excellent alternative to combustion based options.

August 13, 2019
Written by Anna Wilcox

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