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learn | 11.26.2019

Hey Cultivators! Trim Quickly Without Sacrificing Quality With This New Cannabis Trimmer

Hoping to process 8 to 12 pounds of cannabis in an hour? This trimming machine from GreenBroz is revolutionizing cannabis cultivation businesses.

The opening of cannabis markets in many US states has triggered a boom in processing technology. For the first time ever, efficient and high-quality trimming equipment is available to all sizes of cultivators and cannabis businesses. Cultivators hoping to produce large quantities of cannabis quickly, without sacrificing the hand-trimmed look and quality, are in luck. The engineers at GreenBroz have stepped up the harvesting game, with a gentle and quiet Commercial Dry Trimmer.

Processing technology: All about efficiency

The cannabis industry is becoming increasingly more competitive, with larger brands and commercial grows entering the scene. Staying up on the latest processing technology is one way to continue to advance and keep up with the ever-changing landscape.

Investing in new tech, like the GreenBroz 420 Commercial Dry Trimmer, can increase the speed and efficiency of both small and large-scale grow operations.

GreenBroz trimmers are unlike other trimming machines currently available. The GreenBroz design, which includes variable speed control and a forward/reverse option, allows the user to control the entire trimming process.

Whether you want to trim off the first 80% and then hand finish or run entirely through the machine, the choice is yours.

While the cannabis industry has relied on hand trimming for years, the process can be quite time-consuming and expensive, limiting the amount of bud cultivators can deliver to dispensary shelves.

The Dry Trimmer was built to mimic hand trimming, providing an automated option to what some consider a costly, tedious, and intricate task.

Mom ‘n pop businesses hoping to process a high volume of cannabis and monthly operations costs low can benefit from making smart decisions about processing technology. The GreenBroz 420 Commercial Dry trimmer or smaller 215 model is an excellent starting investment.

GreenBroz trimmers

At 8 to 12 pounds of plant material per hour, Dry Trimmer has no problem keeping up with the demands of any thriving cannabis cultivator. Other standout features include housing made out of cutting board material, which does not foster bacterial or microbial growth.

The dry trimmer also uses blades made with food-grade stainless steel and a side-arm brush which gently rolls the flower across the blades, maintaining trichomes at levels comparable to hand trimming.

It’s important to point that these trimmers are for dry material only. After harvest, it’s also important to properly dry the cannabis product before putting it into the 420 Commercial machine. Dry trimming enables the machine to produce a more crafted and high-quality manicure.

Learn more about GreenBroz

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GreenBroz employs Sales Managers across the USA who can provide live demonstrations, low pricing options, and excellent product support. Call 844.DRY.TRIM to get in contact with a Sales Manager in your area.

To learn more about GreenBroz, their machines, and third party test results visit GreenBroz.com.

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