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The Happy Kit Is The Weed Lovers Toolkit That Will Get You High On Life

Never again will you suffer the frenzied, indecent desperation of a Macgyver smoking device.

It’s happened to all of us. You just got off work, and it’s time to relax—the only thing left to do is roll your celebratory end-of-the-day joint. You pat down your pockets. Weed? Check. Filters? Check. Grinder? Check. Rolling papers?

The world around you dims. Your ears start to ring. Your eyes lose focus. And that’s when you realize it: you forgot your rolling papers at home.

Life is stressful enough without the added horror of realizing that the only way you can smoke a joint is by unearthing the floppy, damp-with-mystery-liquid rolling paper curled at the bottom of your backpack, and resuscitating it like some sort of stoner emergency-room surgery. These types of frenzied, cold-sweated MacGyver joints are frankly dignity-crushing.

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The Happy Kit is like a wallet for your essential smoking items.

Inside the protective case, The Happy Kit comes with a 3-inch glass pipe, a plastic magnetic grinder, a waterproof joint holder, rolling papers, filter tips and a one-hitter pipe, solving just about every problem a cannabis enthusiast encounters on a regular basis for under $30.00. The 420 travel kit might just be the perfect gift for stoners. The premise of the Happy Kit is that when it comes to happiness, simplicity is key. The Happy Kit is a weed travel kit that comes in multiple sizes, depending on your portability needs or preferred smoking method. The Happy Kit Mini is made with the purist smoker in mind with a one-hitter, papers, and filters. The Happy Dab Kit is designed for the concentrates connoisseur with a nectar collector, a dab tool, two wax containers and a butane blowtorch. For smokers who like a buffet of smoking options in a compact carrying case, The Very Happy Kit will change your life. Inside is an aluminum grinder, a glass pipe, two sizes of rolling papers, a Doob Tube, a wax container, a one-hitter pipe and a metal poking tool.

Each size comes with a case that is smell-proof, water-proof and shock-proof, so when your smoking on the go, your happiness will never be soiled by bad weather or bad luck.

Photo Courtesy of The Happy Kit

Modern life is laced with enough stress as is. In fact, 1 out of 3 U.S. adults feel they are living with extreme stress. And that’s a big deal because studies have found that stress can have negative impacts on one’s nervous system, heart and respiratory system. Severe stress can exacerbate premenstrual symptoms for women, and lead to impotency and erectile dysfunction in men. Some studies have even found that high levels of stress can lead to nearly a 50% increase in the potential for fatal heart attacks.

The beauty of weed is that it’s kind of like surfing: stress is an impossible emotion when your head’s in the waves or clouds of THC. Not only are the effects of marijuana rehabilitative for stress, but the lifestyle and values associated with cannabis are practically cultural antibodies to modern-existential-numbness.

So when you realize you’ve forgotten your Zig-Zags at home, the mind grasps at any alternative, no matter how pathetic or vile. Have you ever crafted a pipe out of a pop-can, only to spend the next few hours in a weed-heightened paranoia about aluminum-can-induced Alzheimer’s? Have you ever rolled a joint using notebook paper? After forgetting your water bottle, have you ever proceeded to fill your bong with soda, or dirty river water?

You’re not alone.

Photo Courtesy of The Happy Kit


The main problem, according to the creators of The Happy Kit, is simple organization. If you’re like most weed enthusiasts, your weed is the second thing you pack in your bag in the morning, just behind house-keys and right before your wallet. But most of the time, your smoking essentials end up bouncing around a  random backpack pocket, scuffing your Zig-Zags with dirt and stuffing your pipe with mystery lint.

When you’re ready to smoke, whether you’re heading to the beach or collapsing onto the couch after work, The Happy Kit reduces your checklist to just one item: Happy Kit? Check. Smoking cannabis should be the beacon of relaxation, not an anxiety-laden exercise of pocket-slapping and backpack-pocket riffling. So if you smoke weed, The Happy Kit is as essential an addition to your home as a first-aid kit. You’re not just buying convenience here, you’re buying peace of mind.

Photo Courtesy of The Happy Kit


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